Reinforced Earth Conference in Hanoi 2018
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Reinforced Earth Conference in Hanoi 2018

August 15, 2019

over the last 50 years terror may has played an active role in over 60,000 projects in five continents around the world a terror may we do not sell products we deliver a panel of solutions that perfectly fits with clients needs these solutions are classified according to the main function of the structures to be designed retain four retaining structures retain includes MSC and reinforced soil applications such as retaining walls reinforced fill slopes or reinforced embarkment whatever the kind of facing or the kind of reinforcement required retain includes in particular reinforced earth and terilyn and are precast retaining wall systems tea wall and tech wall cross for crossing structures the bridge abutments cut in covers underpasses culverts berths overfilled bridges tunnel tensions that we deliver worldwide are structures designed to cross various natural or non natural obstacles cross includes are precast overfilled reinforced concrete Tek span arch system Tek box and their derivatives and gathers our experience and expertise and reinforced soil bridge abutments protect for protecting structures our protection systems mitigate the damage caused by natural disasters or related phenomenon we also design specific structures against industrial risks thanks to the numerous inherent advantages of our technologies protect brings together constructive solutions for Rock Falls and Avalanche protection landslides protection erosion protection waves and floods protection and industrial risks protection with the ambition to address slope management River and floodplain management and shoreline management issues for our customers the three tear our Mei business lines have been developed to provide our clients with the most appropriate responses not only in the road and motorway market but also in all of our diversified market segments if you’re looking for expertise and experience for your project let’s contact our local expert [Music]

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