Redwood Forest Steam Train at Roaring Camp Railroads & More (Santa Cruz County with Kids Part 2)
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Redwood Forest Steam Train at Roaring Camp Railroads & More (Santa Cruz County with Kids Part 2)

August 14, 2019

[Brother] Echo! Accomodations was provided by Rio Sands Hotel. Hello Bloggineers. This is our guide to Santa Cruz with kids, and we’re going to show you the fun things you can do here. Our first stop is Seacliff State Beach in Aptos. Aptos! This Beach is known for its fishing pier and concrete freighter, the SS Palo Alto. The state beach is walking distance from the Rio Sands Hotel. The ship is unsafe and closed to the public and currently half the pier remains closed until needed repairs can be made. Now we’re picking up a picnic lunch at Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria This is an exceptionally delicious bakery and deli serving California’s Central Coast since 1978. [Brother] I want that cookie. Our next stop is Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, this place is most famous for the forty acre grove of towering oldgrowth redwood trees. We are going to check out the visitor center. You can read about the plants and animals in this area and learn through interactive displays. Now we’re going to hike the Redwood Grove Loop Trail. This is a 0.8 mile flat loop trail where you can discover the survival adaptation of the coast redwood. We’re going to stop by all 15 points of interest along the way. More than 100 years have passed since the last forest fire came through here. Most inferno cannot penetrate the almost fire resistant redwood bark. [Brother] I’m going to go down the slide. Now we’re going inside this redwood tree. There’s room for the whole family inside the famous Fremont Tree. And it’s really tall. It goes on and on and on forever. There should have been a staircase up. [Brother] Echo!!! Listen to the whistling sound of the train. Brother spotted something. [Brother] See? [Brother] See? You see a banana slug right away when you have good eyes. It’s yellow. Only a few numbers left. We had so much fun hiking here. Now we’re having our picnic lunch from Gayle’s Bakery. And I’m eating two different quiches, and Brother has ribeye with some fruit and salad. Now it’s time to eat the olallieberry pie from Gayle’s Bakery for dessert. Now we’re at Roaring Camp Railroad. Founded in 1958 in Fenton, this place restored two railway lines through the historic trees and preserved a period of California’s golden past. The conductor is coming on board, and here we go. Preserving a piece of the 1880s and early California was a dream of Roaring Camp’s founder F. Norman Clark, with only $25 in his pocket. We’re going uphills. Today we’re riding on the Redwood Forest Steam Train, which travels over trestles through towering redwood groves and up a winding narrow gauge grade to the summit of Bear Mountain. The conductor is hopping from one car to the other. Now he’s collecting our tickets. All of a sudden the conductor got off the train for some reason. Soon the train stopped and changed direction. [Brother] We’re going backwards. The train is now using more energy going up hills and the evidence is in the black smoke. Soon we arrived at Bear Mountain, and we’re taking a quick bathroom break. The train signaled for us to get back on board. Brother, you better hurry up. We’re now starting to go back down. The train is letting out a lot of steam. We had so much fun at Roaring Camp Railroad. [Brother] Bye bye. Our next stop is Mission Galleria, which is a small-scale replica of the original mission that was nearby that burned down in the 1800’s. Now we’re at Santa Cruz Mission Historic State Park, and Brother will be doing the Junior Ranger program. This park features the only building left of the 12th California mission founded by the Franciscans in 1791. Unfortunately, Brother didn’t finish his activity sheet, so he didn’t receive a Junior Ranger badge. But they still gave him a sticker. Our next stop is the Santa Cruz Surf Museum. Located in a lighthouse, this little gem of the museum has photographs, surfboards and other interesting artifacts tracing over 100 years of surfing history in Santa Cruz. We’re learning about surfing history through the decades. This surfboard was involved in a shark attack. There’s so much rubble in this room. Let’s head to our next destination. Our next stop is Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center. Open in 2012, the center features engaging interactive and multimedia exhibits to help visitors explore the sanctuary’s remarkable marine environment There are many fun hands-on exhibits for us to play with. We’re controlling a submarine camera. This was a very cool place to visit, and the best part is that it’s free! [Brother] Watch out for the tentacles. [Brother] Tentacles. [Brother] Tentacles! Our next stop is the Museum of Art & History. This museum focuses on building community in Santa Cruz County. First, we’re checking out the Chamber of Heart and Mystery exhibit. This exhibition is filled with curious objects and artwork. We’re creating art out of shadows [Brother] We’re taking the elevator to level two. The lift is decorated with street art, and there are chairs that you can sit in. In this gallery we’re learning about the history of Santa Cruz. [Brother] I am getting dizzy. Next is We’re Still Here, a powerful exhibition created by 186 seniors and advocates from the community on what social isolation feels like. There are many interactive displays here. Develop blindness. [Brother] Now I’m going to make a quilt. Lastly we’re looking our notes that visitors left for themselves for when they are senior citizens. We had so much fun at the Museum of Art & History. Now we’re having dinner at Snap Taco. This restaurant features new school tacos, bowls, and other tasty eats. We ordered 10 varieties of tacos to share, and Brother’s eating the Little Chick Kids Meal. My favorite taco was the braised beef because it had the best flavor. And I like the spice they put in there. All the tacos are pretty good. Our final stop is The Penny Ice Creamery. This is the only ice-cream shop in Santa Cruz making delicious ice cream completely from scratch in-house. First we’re going to do some sampling. Brother is eating earl grey and chocolate sherbet. I’m having earl grey and mint chip. We have so much fun in Santa Cruz County. Please hit the subscribe button and remember to look for your own adventure. Now we are at the Santa Cruz Surf Museum. Oh, is that a seagull? It is! [Brother] Ahh! Our friend!

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