Recap: Track and Field, Beantown Challenge
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Recap: Track and Field, Beantown Challenge

January 14, 2020

[Music] ANNOUNCER: And they’re off Livia Gauntlett over the first hurdle first. Moving into the fourth she’s blowing them away, across the line. And they’re off, a quick start from Brown in lane three. That’s Kelisa Cain and Katina Martin, and Martin with a strong finish. That’s Collin off quick, right alongside UConn, but it’s Collin pulling away quick into the finish line. It’s gonna be Collin Fullin from Harvard everybody. Here’s Kendall Bensche, she’s set to jump. Had a very nice 1.70m, earlier this year in December, which was a personal best. She sits 14.89m right now, has to beat 15.15m or this is Redwood’s win. Omoregie, good throw. Kristina Cherrington Trying to hold off Samuel running one and two in the 500m. Samuel kick into the finish gets by Sherrington and wins for Harvard. First year from Chesapeake, Virginia. First time running this event in his first season. One and two, Harvard and UConn. Harvard trying to hold off, really strong kick by UConn, Harvard holding off right now. Into the homestretch of the mile relay, and Harvard will hold off UConn.

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