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December 12, 2019

Oh, boy, oh boy look at this jelly just dropped his Disstrack and you’re never gonna believe it yep, jelly is actually rapping so after i saw Jelly react to my disstrack my finger i realized, that he was gonna release a Diss track to if he hit a certain amount of length so let’s just save this video hits 50,000 likes i’ll release a second disstrack anyways That’s never, gonna happen, so let’s let’s look at This, guy, look at his face let’s go and look at him let’s go here react to this and let’s see If jelly can actually rap Okay, okay listen we’re two seconds in he’s already flexing jelly really two seconds in we got this? Sad piano going on over here and jellys’ just he just has to drive his car in there okay you you flexing already Jelly, really, you’re flexing already, okay, yeah Yeah, yeah! yeah You’re, not funny, why are you, laughing i’ll say this is where jelly lives in the middle of nowhere just so everybody knows Why, is he laughing, is he laughs because he knows. This song is just gonna be trash Trouble cops logo man you ready for this yeah, oh, boy i’m ready for this Oh, what the hell, okay, that was a cheap, blow, we start off and the first thing he says Is the f word you cobble cup, suck on a red, baby, bottle pop okay, why, why, why a red One went out an orange stuck it on her bed baby, bottle but the truth this, whole like the laughs right Okay, he’s gonna treat me like a lab rat sure hit, me up jelly tin you can zip between an ass okay now i like that one that one was creative Beat him on the game when he still loved tight candle the sims, was miller lite speak of my, case Was it’s a problem, my shoelace clean the, whole damn closet okay, you know i roasted him on k-swiss You know on Jelly’s bad choice of shoes but i do have to say he got me back good you know … cleaner than my closet Still while wearing K-Swiss, which talk that shit like, you rich in profit does that shit to get richer probably You, live with me are you taking a gun, okay fun story when i was living with, jelly He, was the one that, wasn’t cleaning up just so you know, i i just didn’t clean up, my, my office but He didn’t clean up the entire house. Okay, Jelly i know, you’re watching this. Remember that soup that once came back to life, that was your fault You can’t even deal with my hot-ass bars. You don’t have a, license to drive a car with. Your so called Kops rather be on Jelly’s side. Calling 9-1-1 emergency Keep jelly on your mouth Mr. Kwebbelkop, and stick to cryptocurrency Okay, you know, daily that was good you know Again, pulling the cops – Jelly side and roasting me for not having a driver’s license but You, can’t roast me about that sure okay, but at least i don’t have to flex in my video clip with My car look at that you call that a car, boy Even this is nothing compared to my, bike okay, let’s go let’s go to the hook, call a 911 emergency Okay, here we go? fake cop throwing stones, woke up to trash talk, now you got me in my zone Shame i gotta slap you back in your lane trying to swerve mine that’ll get you owned, Kwebbelkop just got powned. Slogoman… man okay go okay, okay, that was it that was a clever hook, not really feelin it i like my hook My hook, a lot better just so you know. Jelly just play it play it … two hoes, Jelly and Slogo Trash in the ozone Two of my children i got two weak links in my crew public restroom, and i’m taking a deuce Anyways, let’s it let’s let’s check it that was my first you know Jelly, Jelly roasted me pretty, damn hard there i have to say i feel like He was holding back a little bit but but still You know it’s it’s it was good it was creative and i feel like i deserve it okay? Especially after roasting him i wasn’t really holding back but Maybe if this if this if this reaction video gets 50,000 likes i might release a second, diss track and you know. That said It’s only if this it’s 50,000 likes and i’ll start writing Beast Awoken, Slogoman you so fat and bogus. you, just called Slogoman fat and their jelly is once again flexing okay i mean i was flexing to a Little bit but this is this is what jelly, makes in 30 minutes okay anyways? (Roasted) Don’t know if anybody, saw that in the vlogs but, josh Broke, jelly’s toothbrush and he just kept on going on like i’m not paying for your, new Toothbrush, jelly’s like send me a hundred dollars or give, me a hundred dollars and and and josh was like No, like that it didn’t, we didn’t break it and to Be honest josh didn’t break his toothbrush he was just ahead he put in the toilet but Still like i would say you know you should you should pay him back even when he broke it… FACTS … Nothing more than an ogre always late you were lazy, bozo, oh no? ya gaming so-so That was a hot one that was hot fire He just said slow mo slow. Go your, game is so-so I mean jelly you’re getting creative over here you’re getting very nice and creative, also, by the way if you haven’t already make
sure to check out the original Gonna leave a link in the description even though i get roasted i do think he deserves it you know Credit is due where credit is due you know like it i don’t i don’t want to steal Jelly’s moves, some use you know What i mean how, i would do that enough anyway? i would love i like fully at the bully I like that one this slug you pick is a great depiction to rule in slow Always, rate the kitchen say you the best for your breath is kickin Say the best but your breath is kickin, oh? my Goodness jelly i thought gently went hard on me okay not not really hard on me but he definitely went Extremely hard on Slogoman okay, this second verse is harsh, oh the record You, less than lesser hit the floor you might, shake the dresser can fit through double doors on a stretcher and i see you can’t stand by me you can ‘t handle the NYC Have to say Jelly’s lyrics are deep gentiles lyrics are very very deep like You, can’t handle thingy, blah… can’t handle nyc damn Damn this is Jelly’s? Definitely jelly has a bright rapping career ahead of him on the couch where you steady sleeping, why You, gotta, keep your girl a secret, oh? Now what that last that last line man why you got a girl keep your girl, is secret i don’t know Josh i don’t know. Slogoman, why wait, why, do you have to keep that a secret Raise the red, flag for fight fast hey that i just had sports at, ass put a slug like You, but it’s good a stretch you can’t even do basic math… these roasts are are harsh they are good they are deep and i’m pretty sure They, they, definitely they will definitely page Josh i have to say, jelly went easy on me okay He went good he went hard on me but josh he was not holding back Over there, oh, my, goodness let’s let’s listen to the last part of the song let, me just play this jelly that Jelly, that fake cop throwing stones woke up to trash talk, now you got me in my zone Shame i gotta slap you back in the lane trying to swerve mine that’ll get your owned Kwebbelkop just got powned Slogoman go get gone… yeah, oh Okay, just got i got owned, jelly of course called you, yeah, okay? Jellies my dad now, okay? Just eating a cheeseburger mint, oh? Look, at that look, at that shop you know, how This shot, was filmed somebody just stood above, jelly because he’s so small just lay Down on the ground, and they got it okay anyways, what is my verdict on this diss track, like i said if you haven’t already Check it out, links in the description i have to say jilly’s district Was good it was very nice it was deep it was it was it was is like? A rote he, was roasting he, was roasting really nice and good okay, now he wasn’t he, wasn’t roasting me too hard Okay, i thought maybe i’m gonna have to drop a district on his, ass you know If he roasted me too hard 50,000 likes and i might do it just you know Just roasts and jelly but on josh oh my Goodness he went hard on josh so my question is is slow go man going to release a Diss track on me and jilly now that’s the question, is he gonna Do that or is he gonna pussy out and not do it i don’t know I don’t think josh can rap i think he’s just, gonna like he’s gonna, pass on it you know He’s that kind of a little pussy Anyways if you ever watched, josh’s video tell him drop a, diss track Go, and tell him tell him to drop at this rate i want to see josh pop out and do his thing You know josh could definitely destroy us if you really wanted to but that’s, what i think like i said 50,000 likes i’ll release the secret first But until then i do have to say even though, jelly roasted me once again that was a pretty sick this track a video clip Mediocre but then, again, like keep in mind this stuff, is filmed in like two Days, and made in two days i have to respect Jelly, for this i’m gonna i’m gonna call him tonight i’m gonna let him know. You know i mean we like you know Should, we squash the beef or i don’t know, maybe maybe maybe not This, was this, was pretty good this, was pretty good anyways cups thank you so much for watching 50,000 likes and i’ll drop another destroy anyways cups, tomorrow, bye bye Jelly’s actually rapping


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