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Raymond Johnstone, Director of Rail and Infrastructure, Nexus

September 6, 2019

The bridge behind me is Killingworth Road Bridge, which for Metro users is the located between South Gosforth and Four Lane Ends. Many Metro users will have gone over this bridge unknown to them
that we are just about to commence on a major bit of engineering work which will take us 34 days. The bridge behind us is over a hundred years old. As
part of our assessment and bridge work we identified it some years ago as
needing replacement and we’ re soon to execute that plan. It’s a complicated
project, it’s an expensive project but it’s an essential project and hence the reason there will be a major line closure round about those works. The works itself is part of
a £20 million package of investment that we will be executing over 34 days which also includes some essential track renewals in the wider area towards Tynemouth from South Gosforth. The bridge itself will be totally replaced. It’s the first time in the history of the Metro that we will be undertaking such a challenging and complicated bit of work. We do say to users of the Metro please continue to use the Metro, there is a good quality bus replacement service there and we do
apologise for the inconvenience but ask you to bear in mind that this is a relatively
short piece of pain for a long-term gain and the fact that the bridge that we will renew will last over a hundred years and serve many generations
of citizens of Tyne and Wear.

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