Rail Runner eyes “midlife” repairs for train engines
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Rail Runner eyes “midlife” repairs for train engines

September 10, 2019

THE RAIL RUNNER )S BEEN MOVING FOR MORE THAN A DECADE NOW.. AND WITH IT COMES A LOT OF WEAR AND TEAR. NOW THE COMMUTER TRAIN IS HEADING TOWARD SOME BIG REPAIRS. NEWS 13 )S CHRIS MCKEE IS LIVE IN THE NEWSPLEX WITH WHAT )S ON THE TO- DO LIST — CHRIS. DEAN… PASSENGERS MAY NOTICE A FEW UPGRADES INSIDE THE CARS GOING IN NOW.. BUT THE TRAIN ALSO HAS ITS ENGINE CARS.. AND THOSE ARE ALL NEAR THEIR MID-LIFE OVERHAUL. 04:16 ( (sound of train rolling past ( ( IT )S NEARLY 12 YEARS INTO SERVICE… AND THE RAIL RUNNER IS STILL GOING. Rosaline Tenorio/Lols 17:50 “We rode it up from Los Lunas” 17:51 Ivey Jones 16:28 “I ride it everyday!” BUT WITH MORE THAN A DECADE )S WORTH OF TRIPS IN THE SAME NINE TRAINS… RIGHT NOW IS A TURNING POINT IN THE LIFE SPAN OF THE RAIL RUNNER )S ENGINE AND PASSENGER CARS. Robert Gonzales 04:32 “Usually these locomotives are 30 years life span” 04:36 ROBERT GONZALES IS THE RAIL RUNNER OPERATIONS MANAGER. Robert Gonzales 09:56 “To maintain this fleet is a lot of work” 09:57 HE SAYS THE NEXT FEW YEARS WILL BE CRITICAL IN MAKING SURE THE TRAINS STAY IN WORKING ORDER FOR YEARS TO COME. Robert Gonzales/RailRunner Operations Manager 06:45 “Right now, we )re looking at .. midlife which is a major overhaul on” 06:49 INSIDE THE TRAINS.. RAIL RUNNER RECENTLY REPLACED THE CLOTH HEAD RESTS WITH VINYL… BUT THEY DON )T PLAN ON ANY OTHER NOTICEABLE UPGRADES. Robert Gonzales 05:33 “I think if you look at the interior I think these things have held up pretty well” 05:37 THE RAIL RUNNER SAYS.. IT NOW NEEDS TO AIM ITS MAINTENANCE BUDGET… AT THE ENGINES. THOSE NEED WHAT )S CALLED A “MID LIFE OVERHAUL”… Robert Gonzales 07:20 “A lot of intricate parts being repaired, the electronic parts, so it )s a big deal” 07:25 TO DO IT WOULD COST ABOUT A MILLION DOLLARS A TRAIN ENGINE. BUT RAIL RUNNER SAYS.. IT KNOWS IT CAN )T AFFORD THAT. Robert Gonzales 07:39 “Everything )s about budget, so we )re actually looking at ways to curb our costs” 07:44 THIS SUMMER.. RAIL RUNNER IS LOOKING AT WHAT THEY CALL “TOP SHELF OVERHAULS” ON EACH TRAIN ENGINE INSTEAD… AT ABOUT 300-THOUSAND DOLLARS PER ENGINE. Robert Gonzales 07:50 “Which would get us in compliance and keep us running probably for the next five to ten years” 07:54 HE SAYS THE ENGINES ARE ON PACE TO GO FOR ABOUT ANOTHER 20 YEARS.


  • Reply I'm right you're wrong May 16, 2018 at 12:34 am

    Trains only good for 30 years?

  • Reply Mad Planet May 16, 2018 at 12:44 am

    perhaps if your
    would not pass out all of YOUR hard earned money to every PARASITE with their hand out
    there would be plenty of money to fix the trains

  • Reply Medium Approach Medium Productions March 23, 2019 at 3:07 am

    Maybe it’s time for some Siemens Chargers…

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