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Rail Projects Victoria Graduate Program – Revathy

December 3, 2019

Hi, my name’s Revathy and I’m
a 2018 Graduate Accountant. I applied to the graduate program as it provides
structured training and development. It also allows the opportunity for graduates to
undertake rotations across the business and also it’s a unique opportunity to work
in a major project that benefits all Victorians. Being a project my day-to-day
activities vary. The Finance team is actually responsible for overlooking both
Metro Tunnel and Regional Rail Revival projects. My current rotation, that I’m
working in, includes budgeting forecasting, financial operations and
also includes communicating and liaising with internal and external stakeholders. One thing that I really like about the
program is that we actually have the opportunity to learn and develop, and
then also be able to provide value to the organisation. I feel like I really
fit into the team. We all come from diverse backgrounds but we all really
fit in, we have a common goal as well so it’s great to work in teams that we know
where we’re going and we work well together, that’s special. I really enjoyed having a mentor
within the project that comes from a cross-functional area so you get to
understand what’s happening on the other side, especially coming from a supporting
function such as finance, and also be able to expand yourself professionally
and personally and be able to gain, reach a goal or common goal through your
mentorship program which is something I really enjoy. If you are really passionate about the
projects and want to work in transport and infrastructure, definitely look into applying.

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