Rail Projects Victoria Graduate Program – Milena

September 16, 2019

Hi I’m Melina and I’m the Human
Resources graduate for 2018. So what attracted me to the graduate program
is the significance of the project So it’s infrastructure that’s really going to
change the face of Melbourne So it’s really cool to be a part of something
that big and while I don’t contribute to the construction side of things I’m
involved in getting the best in the industry to work for us, so I think it will
be pretty cool to go and sit on the train going through the tunnel in seven
years time and be able to think ‘Hey I worked on this’. My biggest takeaway so far is how much I could
really learn in a short amount of time I’ve learnt the practical side of HR
and how it’s applied in real life Which is really different to everything
they tell you in the textbook The recruitment process was really
quick. I did the initial online application with the CV and I answered
some interview questions, and then from there I was invited to do a video
interview online and from there I was invited to an assessment centre. After
the assessment centre I got a call and the next stage was reference checks
and a fit to work check and then after that I received my official offer. So overall it was pretty smooth, a pretty quick process. It was all new to me so I was pretty
nervous during the process but I think meeting everyone in the
HR team as well, it really calmed me down and it showed me that it is going to be
a great place to work and a very welcoming environment. So the Grad Program is structured
in a series of six month rotations so you get to move around the business and move around your discipline and figure out what you really want to do. So far I’ve been involved in a range of general HR activities I’ve done some recruitment, selection, on boarding, off boarding,
probation management. I’ve also worked on a lot of projects as well. I think it’s really
great to show me different aspects of HR and also the project’s themselves, and figure out
where I want to and what I want to do. The grads are really embraced
around here. We are given real work and real responsibilities from
day one, so there’s no fluffing around it’s straight into the deep end, which is straight
into the learning which is really, really good. The best part of the program so far
is hanging out with the other grads. There’s 24 of us this year and since day
one we’ve all been really good friends. So any advice I give to grads applying
for the program is to really research the Metro Tunnel Project and the
Regional Rail Revival and anything else that we’re involved in just so that you
know exactly what business you’re coming in to and who you’re going to work for.
I think the main thing is to just be yourself and just have fun with the process.

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