Rachael DeVaux Fuels Herself & Her Dog With Responsibly Sourced Food | Presented by Castor & Pollux
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Rachael DeVaux Fuels Herself & Her Dog With Responsibly Sourced Food | Presented by Castor & Pollux

September 22, 2019

(high energy music) – I’m Rachael DeVaux. I’m a registered dietician,
a personal trainer. I run the blog Rachael’s Good Eats. And I’m a pet parent to my dog, Ellie. So I started a food Instagram account, when I was studying nutrition in college. Just as a way to share my passion of making wholesome food. And that’s kind of been
my goal since day one is showing others that organic and responsibly sourced
foods really play the part in how you feel. Ellie’s been my companion
since I was a kid. She has been a huge part in my health and wellness lifestyle, being my little support system. She is my best friend. I basically start every
morning with a workout, some type of exercise
where I’m moving my body. (upbeat music) Working out helps boost your mood. It helps you make more conscious and healthy decisions throughout the day. And it really allows more time for me to play with Ellie outside and incorporate her
into my healthy routine. After I finish my workout, I love creating a meal
that’s very nutrient-dense in order to maintain
and repair my muscles, give me fuel for the rest of the day. Today, I’m gonna be
making wild caught salmon with sweet potatoes and veggies. Ellie’s always in the
kitchen when I’m cooking. I look forward to cooking because she is the best sous chef. So first thing we’re gonna do is marinate our responsibly
sourced wild caught salmon that happens to be MSC certified. Wild caught just means that the fish is raised
in a natural habitat. Being that we’re in Seattle, we’re basically in seafood mecca. I have access to some of the freshest, responsibly sourced, and wild caught salmon around. And I definitely take advantage of it. Since starting my blog,
Rachael’s Good Eats, I have really tried to show people that eating responsibly sourced
food can be simple and easy and not a chore. It doesn’t have to be something hard that you have to really work towards. It’s about making small changes over time. And that’s what makes
the biggest difference. My food philosophy is that
you can have the foods that you really love, but just choose high-quality ingredients. And that transfers to not
only my friends and my family, but to Ellie as well. Pristine is the only
complete pet food line with responsibly sourced ingredients. I want Ellie to be the happiest, healthiest version of herself. And that’s why I feed her
Castor & Pollux Pristine. Because she deserves to
eat responsibly sourced and high-quality ingredients as well. (bass thumping beat)

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