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Public Transportation

December 2, 2019

Hello, this is Harrison Ingles. I’m here to give you a little bit of a podcast. If you know me, you’re probably unique, unless
you’re a friend of mine, of which I have few. At any rate… Before I start, I’ve got to give you a commercial.
It’s mandatory. I have a website, called That’s
H-D-I-n-g-l-e-s-dot-com. And I have some blogs on it and not a whole lot more. I try to sell you some books, but that’s through
Amazon. If you’re interested in my books, you can
either on my website, click on the little Amazon button or just go to Amazon and enter
H.D. Ingles. Pretty simple. At any rate, here we go: Public Transportation I’m not against public transportation, that
is, in the right venue. For example, New York City would fall apart without public transportation.
Well, now that I think on it, maybe NYC has fallen apart anyway, but that’s another
story. About 1:00 this afternoon, I went to Brig’s
Restaurant. I was hungry and I considered my miserable cooking skills, so I opted for
Brig’s. Anyway, after I ate, I sat on a bench out front to have a cigarette or two,
along with a cup of their very good coffee. I was sitting there, enjoying my smoke and
watching the world go by; a rather pleasant sit. Then a huge bus drove by. I don’t mind
huge buses except this one was empty. Well, there was a driver. Five minutes later, a
smaller bus drove by with three people in it. Okay, okay, it had a driver, too. This
situation, unfortunately, doesn’t happen only in front of Brig’s. It happens all
over Cary. Something quite unusual then happened: I started thinking. Why that huge bus? Then,
why the small bus? (Which was still rather large.) Then, why not an eight-seat van? Then,
given the expense of the initial cost plus maintenance plus fuel plus a driver, why not
Uber? For those who cannot afford a car or cannot drive, and need to get someplace (work,
maybe), why not let them get an Uber, through the town, and let them pay the price of the
bus? If you think I am crazy, next time you need a car, try buying a bus. The same goes for all of this rail madness.
The truth is, for many generations, Americans have always wanted their own horse. I grant
you that, today, you should substitute “car” for “horse,” but the principle is the
same. While we are talking about trains, whether
the government likes it or not, many enjoy a cigarette. Will they have a “smoker”
car? Heavens no. That would encourage those who want to enjoy themselves to enjoy themselves.
What a curse. Well, that’s what I think. And that’s the end. Of course, I have to give you another commercial. I told you before, it’s obligatory ya know. They’ll shoot me if you don’t. That’s H-D-I-n-g-l-e-s-dot-com. I have a half dozen books on Amazon. And you can either get to my books by going straight to Amazon or going to my website and clicking on Amazon, which takes you there anyway. Well that’s it Thank you for listening

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