Possible railroad crossing closure worries San Marco residents
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Possible railroad crossing closure worries San Marco residents

August 13, 2019

well some people living and working in San Marco or upset about the possibility of closing railroad crossing according to a letter issued by the Florida Department of Transportation the agency received applications from the city to close the railroad crossings at Geary Street and now though Avenue news for Jax reporter Corley peels during his live show some concerns that people have with this proposal only people who live and work in this area were notified by F Quixote last week about the potential closing here nalddo Avenue a town hall meeting was also held last month and I’m told roughly 450 people will be impacted by the closing and some feel it could put public safety at risk traffic and flooding near nalddo Avenue is something Tiffany Ashe says she faces on a regular basis when she goes to work San Marco historically floods and during the flood there’s no way to get emergency vehicles to naldo Street Ashe fears the conditions in the area could get worse after receiving this letter from the FDOT stating the City of Jacksonville is asking to close railroad crossings at Geary Street and Aldo Avenue ash was told by FDOT closing the railroad crossing would save money if this railroad crossing closes here on Naldo avenue officials say it will become a dead end meaning drivers won’t have access from Naldo to Hendrix the closing would prevent drivers from escaping flooding according to Ashe I was here for the last couple of hurricanes and there were literally vehicles stalled on Cedar the only way for people to get out of the community was through Naldo and was through this exit here by the train track Sean faff Minh owns a music scroll Nardo Avenue and also feels closing the railroad crossing would cause problems for his school with now to being shut off it limits the access for our students and coming in and out it’s already this road is very congested as it is with parking Ashe is worried the closing with limit access for emergency responders and I would hate to see a situation where kids are flooded in parents can’t get to their children that would just be an absolute crisis ash hopes the community will reach out to FDOT about the negative impact she believes the railroad crossing could have in the area I reached out to FDR T and the City of Jacksonville today for comment I have not heard back FDOT is asking community members to submit their opinions about the project by February 4th reporting live from San Marco queerly PL channel for the local station

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