Police: 2 dead after train crashes into truck in Marana
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Police: 2 dead after train crashes into truck in Marana

October 11, 2019

[Music] live at 10 good evening and thank you for joining us I’m Angelique Lizardi and I’m John overall thanks for joining us two people were killed this morning when a train slammed their truck into their truck just off i-10 near Marana yes and tonight an investigation is underway news for Tucson Eric Fink has the latest the 9-1-1 call coming in shortly after 11 o’clock authorities say two people are dead after this Union Pacific train collides with their truck this video shows part of the mangled truck smashed underneath the train the crash happening in a bird Valley Road and the westbound frontage road crews continue to process the scene it’s now Friday night near Marana and you can see right behind me a tow truck working to clear part of that truck that was caught underneath that train earlier this morning the victims have not yet been identified authorities say there was construction in the area News 4 Tucson has learned the truck belongs to a contracting company and we’re waiting to hear from Union Pacific officials whether the NTSB will be brought in to investigate this crash I’m Eric Franke news 4 Tucson

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