Planet Coaster | Society Park Part 29 | Farm Station
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Planet Coaster | Society Park Part 29 | Farm Station

November 14, 2019

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers! Welcome back to Society Park and welcome into a new area. The healthcare area is finished except from the transition plaza to this new area. However I wanted to start in this new area first so I could see how the two themes to transition from. And what better way to start of the area by building the monorail station. It actually won’t be finished till the next episode but the it illustrates a good image of where I’m going to The music also kind of gives it away xD This song is actually loopable so I could let you guys listen to it for a whole 21 minutes. But I think you guys would go crazy so I didn’t loop it.You’re welcome. This area is about agriculture so hence why I start of by building a typical farm in here. In this area you’ll also find the more rigidy rides, funfair quality mostly. Also it will be more for kinds since I’m planning to place a ferris wheel in here and some more calm rides. Offcourse this area will also get a wooden roller coaster and I’ll try to make it CGI worthy. So when riding that one you should probably leave you’re 4 year old child in the ferris wheel ;P Anyway the station will be a bit simple since I don’t have much room and it is a monorail station. The length of those stations definetly give me trouble in making it look not that boxy. However the guests are only able to see the front facade so I think I could manage in making it look interesting. By the end of this episode only the entrance side of the station will be a bit more finished. Might still tweek it here and there but I’m pretty happy with how that turned out in the end. The back of the station will mostly be covered up by vegetation cause I don’t want people to be able to see the other area from the queue. In hindsight I might have placed these two areas a bit to close. But I did like the idea to see the ride flying over the station from time to time and it gives another challenge so why not? To illustrate you guys an image of how far the park is, we have finished the Economy and Healthcare areas. We still need to do this area (obviously) and then a Technology area. After that it should be around done So we’re about halfway there…. episode 29… Let that sink in for a bit because I sure have xD On the bright side, allot more content to look forward too. My pc has alread reached record heat and I’m able to start cooking from it in just a couple episodes. Running the park smoothly in lowest settings and 9 fps.. I was thinking for a moment to actually make this park into a scenario in the end but I think that actually be able to run this spark smoothly will be a challenge itself xD But I’m already in the scenario editor with this park since I wanted to improve the parking space so I might still change my mind. Still a long way to go so time enough to think that through. By the way have you seen my surprise of last Saturday? You know the first episode of a new project called Water Witch? If not, be sure to check it out. Anyway here I tried to make some big farm doors where a tractor or something could be behind. Thought of a second to maybe make open doors and a small farm interior. But then my pc froze so I quickly decided on not to do that to give my pc a little break xD But don’t worry to much yet, as long as it stays above 5 fps I will be able to build. Misplace some things here and there but that will just be the way it is. You might actually see that happen in some places of the footage. So that song is finally over, gone crazy yet? Imagine that for a whole 21 minutes xD I chose a more calmer song for now to let you guys calm down a bit, still allot more of happy music coming up Anyway thank you for joining again and I’ll talk to you guys in the next episode! See ya!

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