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September 13, 2019

(gentle piano music) – Hey, loves, how’s it going? It’s Ann. Welcome back to my channel. I just wanted to say thank you all so much for your amazing comments and support on my last couple of journaling videos. It really means so much to me, and I’m really happy to hear
that you guys are so open to it and that you’re enjoying these videos. June is going to be a big month for me because I’m taking my
family to Tokyo, Japan and then we’re going to head straight to Chiang Mai, Thailand. And I can’t wait. I’ve never been to Japan before and I’ve never been to Chiang
Mai, so I’m so excited. If anyone is from Tokyo or
Chiang Mai, please comment below and give me suggestions on where to go. I love cafes and I also want to visit some stationery
stores, especially in Japan. I think that will be so interesting. All right, so I don’t
want to talk too much because there’s lots of stuff
that I want to share with you. Let’s go ahead and get started. All right, so we’re going
to do a quick recap of May. I went for a cactus theme
and I’m so happy I did. A lot of you guys liked it. I continued to use my watercolor paint, and I just love the mix of colors. It reminds me of cotton candy. Last month I did the weekly planning, and it was one week per page. It gave me lots of space to write down everything I needed to do
for work and also personal. I really enjoyed this page
for my five year goals. This is something that
I can always go back and fill in more. I didn’t use my workout log
as much as I would like to. I think it’s all because I didn’t have much exciting new workouts. And for the habit tracker, I really enjoyed the habit tracker. There were some parts
where I didn’t fill out because I didn’t do it, which
really holds me accountable. But this is a great way to just keep track of all the small things
that I want to improve on. So for this month’s theme since I’m going to Tokyo,
Japan for the very first time and I’ve been looking
forward to this trip, I wanted to make this artwork inspired by a really popular painting by Hokusai, and it is The Great Wave of Kanagawa. I’m also going to Thailand too, but I want to save all
my inspiration probably for the next spread. As you can see, I already went ahead and sketch out the artwork. Since I will be going
over with paint and a pen, I thought I should save some
time and space on my SD card by doing it this way. So after rough sketching everything, I mix out the blue paint
that I wanted to use, and I’m going for a dark denim blue. It took me a few tries. I finally mixed together
two blues and a little black and I was able to get this shade. What I should have done here
is go over with a light blue and then go over with the darker blue, but I got so excited
that I just went ahead and painted on the dark blue, which is okay because once I
splash on the lighter blue, it still looked nice
and it worked out well. I decided to paint a big red
sun behind the word June. It’s a great depiction of the culture and it’s also a nice
contrast to the blues. I really love these color combinations of blues and the big wave. I think it’s a great choice for June. When I first started
to draw my first line, I was pretty nervous. But once I started, I just couldn’t stop. If you think this looks
difficult, don’t worry. It is actually really simple. Just work on the bigger lines and then you can fill in the details. The details are curved lines, so it’s definitely lots of
doodling, which is really fun. The pens that I’m using
are the Micron number five and number one. For the thicker letter, I’m using this pen that I found at Daiso dollar store, and it has a tip that looks almost like a paint brush at the end. It’s good to use if you’re
filling in bigger spaces. On these next two pages, I’m going to try something different. Usually I go straight
into my weekly planning, but for this time I want
to create a full calendar on the left page. This way I can just
have a nice visual view of the full month. And then on the right page I’m going to create my mind dump. I removed the temple drawing
that I made on the bottom. I felt like it took up too much space. I also wanted to put
more focus on the clouds since it flows better with
the waves and the mountaintop. Another thing that I’m doing
differently this month is that I’m consolidating all
my weeks into two pages. I usually like to
dedicate one page per week so that way I can just
fill in all my daily work and personal tasks into that one page, but I want to try something
different this month and see how this goes. All right, guys, let’s
take a little moment to see if you are following along or if you’re watching
right at this moment. Comment below and leave a matching emoji to one of these drawings
in the comment section. Moving onto the last two pages, this is for my upcoming trip. On here I’m writing down the days that I will be in Tokyo and Chiang Mai. So I printed out a map of
the train station in Tokyo and then I also printed
out a map of Chiang Mai so that way I can have a nice
visual idea of what to expect. I also added a bucket list of the things I want to do while there. By the way, the little purple fruit is supposed to be
mangosteen, not eggplant. I’m really looking forward to having some mangosteen while out there. I’m not sure if they’re
going to be in season, but I just want to have a whole bunch of exotic fruits while out in Chiang Mai. All right, so let’s take a
look at the month of June. I’m really happy with how this turned out. I was quite impressed with myself. At first I was really nervous to just start drawing and painting, but once I did I just couldn’t stop. In these next two pages I
have my month in front of me, which I really like, and I
think I will continue doing this for my next month entry. The mind dump is also in the front, and I kinda like that as well. Moving onto the weeks, I
really like how I was able to consolidate everything onto two pages. I just hope that I’ll be
able to have enough space to fill in everything that I need. I’m looking forward to filling
in these next two pages with a bunch of activities and just looking forward to traveling. That is it for today. Thank you so much for joining me. If you have any suggestions
on what to create for my future journal entries, please leave it in the comment
section below this video. I’m always looking for new ideas. If you would like to show
some love and support, give this video a big thumbs up. I make new videos every Saturday. Make sure to subscribe if you have not by clicking that Subscribe
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