[PART 2] Kimber SIS LAPD w/ light rail 1911 45cal – Disassembly and Reassembly Takedown Cleaning

September 10, 2019

Hey guys. Welcome back. Now I will be taking this gun apart and show you how to clean Kimber SIS 1911, 45 caliber. My last video, I said this is a magazine release but I’m sorry it’s a extended slide release and this is extended magazine release. There you go. First, I carry all guns in a loaded position so My cat’s back. Then get the magazine out. Chamber Check. There is around and catch the round. It’s a 45 acp hollow-point from federal premium law enforcement ammunition. Then recheck one more time, make sure it is empty and safety on. To take this apart, you don’t need special tools but make sure chambers empty and safety down. You just press this down and then turn this to the side that’s all. Very simple. There is a spring tension so make sure you catch this or it will fly out. Take that out then you can twist this. Wiggle it and it will come off. Then you move this rounded cut right there to line up with extended slide release and you push that from the other side. Push it. I guess it’s in there tight but I pushed it down. It is out so you just have to wiggle it out. It comes up fairly easy. Then you slide this out and now it’s apart. Take the spring system out. You take this tab and then send it down this way so it comes out from the slide. Just slides out. That’s it right there. That’s some wear and tear marks. I have fired over 10,000 rounds, I believe or more. Very nice finish to it. What I do is I take it apart completely so what you have to do is press this in with the pen and then just push this slice stop out. Slide it down and it will come out. Just make sure that spring tension doesn’t make the firing pin fly out. Catch it so it came out. There was that. Grab the pen and in here, come on “Zoom iPhone”. There’s a little groove that you can put your pen in there and pop this out. Complete opening that’s what it looks like when you are shooting the target. What I do is I just wipe it down here and there. I’ve already cleaned this but it’s still dirty. Wipe it down and I’ll show you where to oil them. What I do is I oil them in this rail groove. Then I drop an oil right here. Since it’s a moving part, I put a little bit of a gun oil and rub it on there. Before that, let’s put this back. This goes in smoothly, firing pin will go back in. It doesn’t aoom. okay so while holding that, I press it down with the rear of the pen. Oh almost flew out. well.. (it flew out!!!) Hey it’s hard to do it while filming but you can press it down. It’s usually really easy but it’s giving me a lot of problems. Sorry about that guys. That is in. I thought that was a Glock. Put it back, slide the spring through the slide and leave this tap like this and hold the spring like that. It’s easier. Frame back, make sure the hole lines up right there and you can see it. Quickly, pop the slide release into the gun and make sure that the rounded groove, You’ll see it, goes into that spot so this rounded slice stop will pass that groove. You just have to wiggle it and pop it in. It’s in, put the slide forward Place this in an angle and wiggle it. Then turn it to other side, so there’s more opening, put the cap back, press it down and then turn it. Make sure it clicks. Chamber check. I what I do is I rack it three times. Chamber check again and I do the firing. Safety down, fire. No problem. That’s what it looks like with hammer down. I used the rougher spring so it’s little slippery and one thing I don’t like about this SIS is finishes too smooth and there’s not enough serrations here that sometimes it gets slippery. That’s how you take apart the gun and the oil it and put it back together. Fairly simple way but while filming and doing at the same time, it was a little difficult. Sorry about that and thank you for watching and I’ll be reviewing a lot more guns and shotguns, AR15, luxury items, gadgets and other tools and everything else. Thank you

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