Parramatta Light Rail: Accelerating Urban Renewal in Sydney

September 15, 2019

sydney’s Australia’s biggest city with population of 4.8 million people power matter is its second central business district and will be the focus for growth in the city the next 20 years this projects about developing a light rail scheme for Parramatta the first challenge is to create a truly integrated public transport network for Western Sydney the second is to provide a catalyst for urban renewal in the region the third is developed more sustainable transport outcomes to support development in their Parramatta two Olympic Park precinct our client needed a public transport solution to address these challenges wsp parsons brinckerhoff undertook a number of technical studies for various levels of government these studies looked at the viability of various public transport modes and the feasibility of a number of corridors servicing the Parramatta central business district the outcome of our transport planning was the Parramatta light rail project this is 20 kilometers of new public transport which will link west north and eastern areas of the region with the city centre our transport planning initially focused on load growth potential of centres and growth corridors it also look to improve access to land uses such as health education recreation and social housing we applied an engineering design overlay on to the project to determine to early feasibility this included the involvement of light rail delivery experts to determine its operational needs the project utilized documentation and geographical information systems to map out the projects opportunities and constraints this allowed us to integrate other technical services like engineering and environmental services to determine the risks for the project this allowed us more time to maximize the opportunities on the project the project will help accelerate urban renewal in the Greater parramatta area you will also bring precincts together through shorter public transport travel times you will also enable Parramatta to function as an exciting and more productive urban centre for its residents workers students and visitors it will make public transport a viable alternative to private car in western Sydney for future interactions you

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