Pamban Bridge – Rameswaram – Train over the sea(Malayalam travel video)
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Pamban Bridge – Rameswaram – Train over the sea(Malayalam travel video)

November 14, 2019

A train journey from Rameswaram railway station through Pamban Bridge my first decision was to copy the train journey through the Pamban Bridge my departure from the train station,my eyes fell on both sides of the places beautiful sceneries the camera does not have to look in front of the views the places where beautiful views are presented before get the bridge that too caught up in the camera Pamban Bridge is a railway bridge connecting India with Pamban Island and Rameshawaram. an engineering wonder this train journey was one of the things I had planned on ,and this helped me to Sabari from Rameshwaram I had to get sighting from the two sides of the Pamban Bridge with oneday. It did not have time to spend a day the train would be very less I have to copy the travel through the train,and also can get the train going on through Pamban Bridge first ,the Sabari was difficult to understand this idea Sabari is like a remote villager who knows only Tamil he knows little bit English however very difficult to grasp easily when he got hold of the matter,we decided to go on the Chennai train at 5 pm took ticket to next station’ Mandap’ the bridge that we can see in parellel to the Pamban Bridge is called Indira Gandhi Bridge many people from outside were saying that the bridge was Pamban Bridge while on the train It was the longest sea bridge in India until the opening of Bandra-Worli sealink in 2010 this is a type of cantilever construction the Pamban Bridge has a segment with two indices two segments are opened when there are ships going the middle bridge was designed to open by the German engineer scharzer when the bridge was over,I moved to the next side with camera the long sea view that’s a pretty sight the time to reach the Mandapam station is about 5.45 pm caught auto after a short walk from station it was six o’clock when reached Indira Gandhi Bridge by auto can not tell about the wind in here as in the malayalam movie song’ MAHESHINTE PRATHIKARAM’ the wind here is wind I was afraid that even though the camera was going to get out of my hands in a few moments the strong wind as it was in Danush Kodi it was a little late ,and the train reached around 6.30 I remember it was’ Madura’ passanger train so the length of the train was short India’s first sea bridge in the 1870’s efforts to build the bridge were initiated in the British administration but the construction started in 1911 commissioned on February 24,1914 the bridge over a 2.2 km long the bridge is located on the second dangerous dock in the world after Florida I mentioned the last video about Danush kodi in the 1964 disaster a portion of the Pamban bridge collapsed in that calamity with in six months after the tragedy,the team engineers of Indian railway found the lost tracks and reconstructed the bridge it was a miraculous one only 46 days under the leadership of Kerala’s reowned metroman E- Sreedharan was reconstructed in that year,Minister of railways awarded E- Sreedharan as the symbol of this activity special thanks to Sabari in the timely manner to take with the arrangement Pamban Bridge is really an engineering wonder


  • Reply Mr. Perfect! June 8, 2017 at 10:24 am

    I would never ride on that train! The view is beautiful with the full moon, but that train ride scares me! I wish you had more videos of your travels.

  • Reply The Laughing Lion September 28, 2017 at 9:49 am

    awesome bridge buddy! 🦁

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