Outlook Customer Manager – Tracking sales opportunities with deals

December 14, 2019

Outlook Customer Manager keeps you on top of
sales opportunities, right within Outlook. Let’s say you receive an email inquiring
about the services you offer. You can use Outlook Customer Manager to create a
deal to start tracking this new sales opportunity Add more details on this opportunity – such as the deal amount, priority of the deal,
closing date, and its stage. See all your active deals in the detailed view
of Outlook Customer Manager, to monitor and manage your sales pipeline. you can also customize Outlook Customer Manager
to better align with your existing sales process. For example, you can customize deal stages
if you want to change the preset labeled. You can also change the currency for your deal amount using a dropdown menu with options from many countries. Stay on top of your sales opportunities
right from your inbox with Outlook Customer Manager. For more information about Outlook Customer Manager,

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