One of Sweden’s finest and largest and most famous model railroad in HO scale
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One of Sweden’s finest and largest and most famous model railroad in HO scale

August 15, 2019

[ Pilentum Television ] [ Music ] In summer 2019,
Pilentum Television, was invited by one of the biggest
model railway clubs in Sweden to produce a
video documentary about Sweden’s finest and largest
model railroad layout. Anyway, if you’re asking
Swedish model railroaders and railway enthusiast,
where to find the largest permanent model railway exhibition in
Sweden, they will probably answer, this is the
“Modelljärnväg Hässleholm”. By the way, the Swedish word
“modelljärnväg” means “model railway” in British English and “model
railroad” in American English. In this video, Pilentum Television
presents the “Modelljärnväg Hässleholm”, really one of the largest model railroad
layouts built in HO scale in Sweden. Right at the beginning of the video,
we have seen a total view of the layout. As you have seen in this camera angle,
this section of the model railroad inside the large exhibition hall
occupies approximately 25 x 8 meters. Actually, this Swedish miniature world
covers more than 700 square meters. Now, while watching the model trains, we
have to learn some geography and history. On the contrary to many other
model railway layouts, which are presented all over the world,
this Swedish HO scale layout is a historically correct scale model of
Hässleholm’s railway station, its locomotive shed and its buildings
as they were in the late 1960’s. Hässleholm is a small city in Sweden
with nearly 20,000 inhabitants. The town is about 100 kilometers away
from Malmö, in the south of Sweden. The city of Hässleholm was developed
from 1860 in connection with the construction of the railway
line between Stockholm and Malmö. At that time, before the arrival of the railway,
the city of Hässleholm did not exist. It was the railway traffic that
made the city of Hässleholm famous. Therefore, Hässleholm gained
the city title in 1914, and was then classified as one
of Sweden’s smallest cities. During the 20th century
Hässleholm developed into a large railway junction
because it was a crossing of all the Swedish railway
lines that ran from the north to the south and
from the east to the west. Even today, Hässleholm is still an
important railway junction in the network of the Swedish State Railways,
also known as “Statens Järnvägar”. [ Music ] However, the railway history of Sweden is
closely linked to the city of Hässleholm. That was the reason why Hässleholm’s
model railway association, which was founded in 2004, decided to build a model
railroad layout of the whole region. They started the construction in 2004. At first, only one segment was
built, the railway station and the marshalling
yard of Hässleholm. Very soon a Swedish miniature world with
a size of 250 square meters was created. In 2008, Hässleholm’s model
railway association had no more space to expand
the model railway layout. Therefore, another room was rented to
enlarge the Swedish miniature world. In the larger room, the railway stations
of Tyringe and Sösdala were historically correct reconstructed in HO scale and
integrated into the existing layout. In 2013, the Swedish
Army leaves its location in Hässleholm,
so Hässleholm’s model railway association was able to
move into the old military buildings at the so-called
“Garrison Hässleholm”. In 2014, the old railway modules and
railroad sections of Hässleholm, Tyringe and Sösdala were dismantled in the old
clubrooms and rebuilt at the new location. Since 2014, the Swedish miniature
world has been growing continuously and is to be expanded extensively
over the next few years. Until today, the HO scale layout
was taking around 100,000 man hours. [ Music ] Actually, the layout
occupies more than 700 square meters and consists of 1,600
meters of track, 400 points (switches) and more than 600
electrical blocks including block occupancy detection
decoders and a signal system. When building this miniature world a
lot of emphasis was put on reality. Many historical buildings,
which no longer exist today, were reconstructed as
they looked in the 1960’s. The track fields and the position of the
rails were laid exactly on the model railway layout according to plans and drawings
of the Swedish traffic administration. Hässleholm’s model railway association
wants to expand the landscape even further. This means that all 17 sites in the
municipality of Hässleholm, which had a railway station in the 1960’s, will be
on the HO scale layout in the future. Because the “Modelljärnväg
Hässleholm” presents Sweden’s railways in the
1960’s, we cannot expect the famous high-speed
trains, called “X 2000” or “X2”,
which are used in Sweden today. There are no tilting trains
and no high-speed trains. There are freight trains,
local passenger trains and the famous Y6,
Y7 and Y8 series of diesel railcars. These motor cars were used
throughout the unelectrified Swedish rail network during
the 1950’s to the 1980’s. On the layout, there are also the
X5, X8 and X15 series of electric multiple units operated by “Statens
Järnvägar” as express trains. These trains are painted in
the typical orange color. Also the X9 series of four-car
electric multiple units, once operated by the Swedish
State Railways, also known as “Statens Järnvägar”,
which were in service until the late 1990’s,
are presented on the HO scale layout. By the way, that sharp
reddish orange color gave the trains the nickname “Paprika
Trains” (“Pepper Trains”). The rolling stock of this Swedish miniature
world also consists of the famous “SJ Class Ra”, also known as “Rapid”, an electric
locomotive operated by Swedish State Railways. Those electric locomotives were used on express trains and were mainly taken out of service in the late 1980’s. [ Music ] I don’t want to tell you for
hours which trains or which places are presented on
“Hässleholms Modelljärnväg”. Finally, it is the philosophy
of Pilentum Television’s videos that they are mostly
uncommented documentaries containing only the original
sounds of locomotives and trains while running
on railway sleepers. Therefore, I would like to provide you
with some technical information in brief. The size of the whole layout makes it
necessary to use a digital control system. So Hässleholm’s model
railway association is using the software
“Train Controller Gold”. Control of train sets, occupancy
detectors and locomotive decoders are based on the digital model train
control system, also known as DCC. The layout is built on two-rail DCC tracks. Please, enjoy this video! Don’t forget to visit this
layout, called “Modelljärnväg Hässleholm”, when you are going
to make a journey to Sweden. [ Music ] [ Music ] [ Music ] [ Music ]


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