Okayama Electric Tramway 岡山市バリアフリー路面電車『MOMO』
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Okayama Electric Tramway 岡山市バリアフリー路面電車『MOMO』

September 12, 2019

Peach! That’s a very nice shape! Wheelchair Walker Okayama Station Oh, This street is so bumpy. That is a tram. How about this tram? so retro. Cool! It’s impossible to get on because there is a tall step. It looks impossible for wheelchair users. Which one can we take? It looks like there are lots of lines. Barrier free vehicle “MOMO” They have a wheelchair sign. A “MOMO” arrives every 40 minutes. It’s called “MOMO”, like the device made by Techno Tools. “MOMO” as in “peach”? Maybe because “Momotaro” (a story) comes from Okayama? Maybe because they produce a lot of peaches in Okayama? Peach! That’s a very nice shape! We can see where the “MOMO” is right now. The price is 100 or 140 yen. It’s so cheap. I can look out, the glass goes all the way to the floor. It’s nice that the ticket machine is not high up. It’s so practical for both healthy and disabled people. Not all stations are barrier-free, so please check with the conductor before going on the streetcar. Hooray! We will update the video about the sightseeing bus next Saturday! Please like the video and subscribe to the Wheelchair Walker channel!


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    電車 好方便 です

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    I always enjoy your videos very much!

    I was hoping you could answer a question for me. My power wheelchair has died and I am looking for a replacement. I am not sure if there are any Japanese wheelchair distributors in the U.S. but since I have no brand names I was hoping you could give me some suggestions if it isn't too much trouble. Thank you!

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