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Newcastle Light Rail Project

October 12, 2019

♪Music♪ ANNA: We’re here in Newcastle Town Hall today and we’ve got people from Transport for New South Wales and Urban Growth and we’re talking to Novocastrians about what are we doing for Light Rail How we’re going to construct it, some of the impacts on the community and some of the benefits the project can bring. We’ve had 40 or 50 people here today to talk about the projects and they’ve raised some really interesting issues and one of the things they’ve raised is about the future of light rail and extensions and where we might go in the future to places like the University, Broadmeadow or to the Stadium. We’re looking at some activation of Hunter Street and particularly during construction we’re going to be making sure that we work with the businesses to keep Hunter Street really active and really, really open for business to make sure that it brings the best products for Newcastle. BRETT: Yes, my name’s Brett Kemmis, local rate payer, resident of Newcastle and really looking forward to – seeing this revitalisation happening in the CBD. Well light rail, I’ve always been a fan because I think that it’s a much smarter way of getting people around the city. ANNA: This isn’t the only chance for Novocastrians to come and talk about the Light Rail Project. We’ve got more drop in sessions after today’s drop in session. We’ve got one at the Clock Tower Markets and at Marketown and we’ve got another session here in a few weeks. Throughout the next couple of months we will also be doing drop ins on other issues such as parking and civic amenity and working closely with Urban Growth to get the community of Newcastle involved. ♪Music♪

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