Newcastle Light Rail Construction Update #OnTheRoadWithCraig
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Newcastle Light Rail Construction Update #OnTheRoadWithCraig

September 16, 2019

– G’day, hi guys, Craig here from The Edge Property Buyers again. We’re out on the road, here we are in Newcastle. Not much to look at except it’s all action and it’s all systems go for the Newcastle light rail. Here we are, it’s Saturday, and these guys are flat
out all the way down, and of course there’s the foreshore just over here in front of us. And that’s the old
Newcastle railway station, which is about to be re-opened as a food and beverage district. Of course there’s plenty
further up that way as well it’s the old Great Northern Hotel. There’s a lot happening. It’s all changing the vibe of Newcastle. It’s all good for the area, and it can be good for
business in the area when this is finally done. Much like with Sydney as well. It will be interesting
to see both these areas once this light rail gets up and running and how it all changes
these strips along here because predominantly it’s
all been a bit of a dead zone every time I’ve been up here in my youth. Let’s hope it changes the dynamic and ends up with a vibrant
shopping, restaurant strip and increases business
for all the locals here. We’ll get back down the road. Enjoy your day, guys, and don’t forget to like and share, comment below if you have any questions and if you want to book
a strategy session, click the link below. Thanks, guys.

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