NEW RECORD!!! WELL OVER 150 RATS Caught by My Mink and Dogs!!!
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NEW RECORD!!! WELL OVER 150 RATS Caught by My Mink and Dogs!!!

August 13, 2019

today was a record-breaking day like
record shattering like blow it out of the water oh my gosh my name is Joseph
Carter and I am the minke man when I was a senior in high school I started
learning about the American mink I was told that mink were horrible vicious
little animals who were impossible to tame challenge accepted
I’ve been in love with me ever since I get mean from fur farms and give them a
new life in this new life my mink live as naturally as possible even hunting
for their dinner the way a wild mink would so come join me on my adventures
as we learn more about this intense little predator amazing American mink
now if you’re really wanting to dive into mink and learn the nitty-gritty
details I would strongly recommend you read my book the new sport of mink
Andrey if you would like to support us you can buy a shirt or hat or consider
becoming one of my faithful patrons just go to the links in the description below people often ask me why I prefer to use
greyhound mixes over terriers that is why I prefer to use greyhound mixes no
matter how fast their short little legs run no terrier can quickly cover ground
like a long-legged lurcher that fast black dog is my boss and he’s
what’s called a bull lurcher he is one-quarter pit bull three-eighths
greyhounds and three-eighths whipping any dog crossed with the greyhound er
whippet is termed in lurcher the advantage of using a bowl archer like
boss is the pit bull helps give him some of the toughness and drive of a terrier
and also some of the speed of the greyhound this little white dog named Neela is a
Jack Russell terrier owned by my buddy Matthew he has his own channel called
Matthews mink Manor we keep Neal on the leash most of the time because she likes
to dive under the cement when she sees a rat we don’t want to have an accident if
the cement unexpectedly slipped off the tractor oh just get dogs good girl in the last
good great there’s just one more that’s still alive back down good girl Neela drop it drop us bus bus the point of your brindle dog is my
little puppy shurni she’s a Dutch Shepherd and she’s just here to watch
the older dogs in action she’s only five months old in his far too young to be
catching rats herself good girl yes yes good girl bucket yes good girl another
one bucket yes bucket bucket yes good girl bucket bucket yes yes yes yes yes there’s a few
I don’t know where to go good job Neela Connie was jumping through the air out
drop out struck out girl good dog okay go ahead summer anything under their players once we
tried to avoid the rats suffering whenever possible and put them down as
quickly as we can contrary to what some people would think
using mink and dogs for pest control is far more humane than the commonly used
modern methods the squeaks of rats disturb some people but the same people
take no thought whatsoever for the hours of torment suffered by a poisoned rat
dying down in its burrow where nobody can see or hear good kupuna gosh oh there’s a bunch right there good job
Neela good job boss good girl Neela good jobs Oh boss
no come here come here good boy come here it’s good boy get down Warda cops
it dogs you’re going under the hay down to the next one yeah your girl
yes speaker oh please Ganguly okay pretty good start to today huh
as we continue along moving sections of cement the escaping rats move on to the
next section eventually congregating in large enough
numbers that it’s helpful if we start using the mink along with the dogs yeah
we need to start doing me oh my gosh in order to be as efficient and safe as
possible we prop the cement up with a railroad
tie so there’s no risk of it slipping off the tractor we then release the mink
under the gap created the mink enters the gap and begins catching rats the
rats who try to escape the mink run into the dogs waiting outside
typically the mink flushes the rats in a slower and more orderly fashion than
just lifting the cement with the tractor wood giving the dogs more time to catch
the fleeing rats yeah good boy yeah good boy this make
his name spot because he has a little white spot on his chin just like his
father Rocky he’s a fearless hunter but I like his
father he’s quite large and so has some obvious difficulty squeezing into tight
little places good job I’m sorry a job spawn
good boys get alcohol I ran a good boy we have a but Alfie okay move the
cameras back good job good job
there’s one good jobs new watch stop boy boss boy
boss oh you didn’t bite me I just grabbed
Kate alive oh my gosh how did I do that you may
wonder why we lift the cement for their mink instead of just letting them
squeeze down the rat holes a bunch of rats will sometimes bottle up in the
dead enemy and the meat wat to sit down there killing them one by one
which is quite time-consuming when dealing with large numbers of rats it’s
quite helpful to use the much larger and more powerful buck minigame
the buck creeks are so large that they typically can’t fit down the Brat
burrows and so only dummies are embarrassed if we don’t want the cement got okay oh yeah yeah yeah fuck Neil Neil Neil I got one Oh give us good job Neela oh there’s so
many oh these are all the lies look these are all alive smart leave any next bus bus business good job Neela yeah yeah yeah yeah here let me chase one over there here
drop this was a really holy no bites none ever does like people
often wonder about the disease risks involved with catching rats most of the
diseases people worry about either aren’t typically found in my area or
aren’t carried by rats at all hantavirus is only carried by a very small handful
of specific rodent species the deer mouse being the only one in my area the
plague is not typically carried by the brown rat but is instead carried by the
black rat which doesn’t live here either rabies is almost never carried by any
small to medium-sized rodent rats included girl nila leptospirosis or Wiley’s
disease though very common in wet areas with mild winters is almost unheard of
here in the high desert of Utah with that being said there’s always
going to be some risk of disease so my animals and I stay up-to-date on all
available vaccinations you may wonder what we do at the end of the day with
over a hundred dead rats and the answer is we either turn it into mink food or
if possible we sell them to people with pet snakes good job there heads not near
big enough to be very good job spot back at home my mink are kept in much larger
and more spacious enclosures they get all kinds of enrichment like branches to
climb on and pools to swim in and this is just our little transportation method
for transporting a whole bunch of mink at once good girl good girl this is real yep a real shoes are in
case we need something I can squeeze in a lot of places yeah pop your bus hey Raven hey Johnny what they told me
was nice car good job Neela yeah good girl any luck yeah here job Oh this yellow dog is a one-year-old
Greyhound named Lily Lily is plenty old enough to start hunting but she hasn’t
mentally matured enough to take any interest yet we brought her along hoping
that watching the other dogs having fun would eventually make her want to give
it a try glad I’m wearing gloves I’d like to get
bitch scared a second there you go no she’s getting them up oh she’s she being sucked good job Mysterio
did you visit oh the queue mystery oh she got it out good job oh my gosh just goes to show they can start outside
doesn’t mean they’re gonna be so this is the supplement week out of the bunch good job me lush good look oh good girl the mingkun dogs work as a
team to help eradicate the rat infestation the dogs understand that the
mink are an important part of their pack and that they must respect them at all
times unfortunately not all of the mink
understand this and some of the more aggressive ones try and bite their dogs
to do their best to avoid the teeth of their feisty little hunting
Connecticut’s good girl hiki sky you did an excellent
job I did one is still there baby okay Johnny here being such good moral
support she’s the cheerleader are you to dodge Geneva Tierney’s do such a good job to use to
get used to the retriever you do be cheaper can you reach each direction
every picture so look at all these guys man there’s
tons of there’s forty these little guys we’re gonna go see if we can find a
foster mother see this one’s actually old enough it’s already can be waned
he’s fine we’ll just give him soft food but like these little guys they’re
borderline they need a mother to nurse on and it looks like this is a this one
this one’s old enough to wean but these little guys in they need a mother oh my
goodness today was a record-breaking day like
record shattering like blow it out of the water I cannot believe the luck that
we had today oh my goodness so happy so Dominque did awesome jobs man they were
they were knocking him out mama doesn’t like Maggie because she’s helped me
doctor her a couple times give her shots things like that so she thinks she’s
about to get a shot so she’s right now she’s on edge and she’s ready to bite
anyone that touches her anyway so if I get bit that’s why anyway so just
happiest can be journey that was a great introduction to routing for her as a
little puppy she did a good job for just a little innocent puppy not doing much
but bringing rats putting them in the bucket and kind of disappointed in Lilly
she’s a year old now we were really hoping she’d get started at least a
little bit today but I don’t think she even knew what we were doing she’s just
kind of hung out boss and good old Neela man they were they were doing an awesome
job all-around amazing day so appreciate you guys joining us and just a reminder
Matthew he wasn’t able to join us today but Matthews mink Manor take it check
out his channel I’ll put it in the link below but man what a wonderful day and
look at all these rats all these rats in the cages are ones we caught by hand
do you believe we caught all of those rats by hand and I only got bit like
three times it was awesome so anyway thanks for joining us and you
guys have a great day hey hey getting a bit girl boy so the
grand total from that ridiculously amazing day of ratting was a hundred and
eighty eight rats forty of which four babies so the lucky number for those of
you who are going for the contest for the Hat is a hundred and forty eight
adult rats or I should say adult and some adult rats because some littles
adult rats work totally adult so we actually had several people that had
correct guesses so we’re also gonna have surprises for the runner-ups but the
first person to guess the right answer of a hundred and forty eight adult and
some adult rats was Ray Lucassen I’m not sure that’s his real name but that’s a
screen name didn’t have a real name on there so ray Lacoste send you one
the next runner-up was Christina followed by Vince or probably goes my
video if you look at his screen name I’m guessing that’s what he goes by will
Freeman following this ow Emily H and Paulina yes sorry sorry
calling they’re not sure to pronounce that so those are the winners the the
person first person who got it right the sramek Austin he’s gonna of course get
you know the Hat like we promised and everyone else we’re gonna have some
wristbands we’re gonna be sending out to you for for being runners-up so
appreciate you guys with this little competition I’ve never done this before
I hope you guys enjoyed it and yeah I hope more than that sure hope you
enjoyed the video that was that was an amazing day so if you are a winner
message us on Instagram your address so the mailing address you’d like the prize
to go to and we’ll go ahead and get these prizes out to you so appreciate
you guys


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