September 19, 2019

>>You’ve just landed.
How do you get from the airport to Downtown Seattle? You have a few options.
First, you can jump in a cab for roughly $55. It is the fastest way
to get to the city. To save a few extra bucks, you can use to Uber or Lyft. Another option is the light rail. It’s cheaper and will get you to Downtown Seattle without
any hiccups or traffic. The best place to get
off is Westlake Station. That’s the closest stop to the
Washington State Convention Center, home of Microsoft Build 2019. There are a lot of
great hotels all within a short walking distance or
cab ride to the Convention Center. Here’s a list of them. Watch
as I beautifully scroll by. Feel free to grab a coffee
at Monorail Espresso. I recommend an eight-ounce
burnt creme latte, and head over to
the Convention Center to start your first day of
Microsoft Build 2019. If you want to venture
out of your hotel room, stay tuned for other videos
on what to do and where to eat while you’re
here in Seattle, Washington. [MUSIC].

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