#MyMetroMyStory – “the Metro Class” feat. Mumbaikars (2nd Runner up)

September 6, 2019

We People are very strange We are expert in Judging We judge the whole film by only trailer We don’t even spare other people then how would we spare these Projects and all? there was such a project called ” Mumbai Metro ” See these “GREAT” people “Everyone is judging & questioning in their own way!” “watch it yourself” Metro? Really Metro? Really? In Mumbai? Ohh come on guys Metro in Mumbai? Not possible Metro train? Really? Wow ! Metro in Mumbai? Amazing ! No, This should be tested first,
There must be some corruption involved Will they let me in with a Basket? Will there be AC? Can I spit outside? Wow ! My travelling time will reduce so much Can I travel with diomands?
Wouldn’t there be any pickpocketers ? You just say it, should we protest? wouldn’t it be much expensive? Will I get a place to sit? I just want to show my wife Mumbai around Can I study inside? Wouldn’t there be much crowd? Then it will be just 20 minutes from Andheri to
Ghatkopar directly at VEERJI BHAI’S place Andheri to Ghatkopar just 20 minutes?
This is what corruption is! I would go at least once I will think about that, BTW I have my own BMW will see, let my wife arrive first I will get a daily pass. Can I avail Students’ concession? One should go at least once Will see. Let it be tested first. I went in a Metro once I will think about that I went with my wife, I was amazed! I went with my friends. yes yes, I went there Don’t ask this Again. Escalators Security was very fabulous Automatic doors And inside amazing cooling AC No terrorist can enter I had travelled once Helping Staff and so many seats for sitting I travelled standing so that I could look outside easily And our Gujarati group I was feeling shy to eat PAAN ,platforms were so clean In a local train A little expensive, But they provide so many facilities One can easily revise on last minute for exams I enjoyed a lot We enjoyed a lot I enjoyed a lot We enjoyed a lot Superb that I told my wife to settle here only that we will travel daily What’s the top speed? Obviously must be less than Ferrari That I will bring GOTIYA, PAKIYA,PINTYA,MANGYA everyone once I will take my wife for a ride every sunday Our Metro,Our Mumbai, Hail Maharashtra, My metro My BMW My Metro Dhirubhai’s Metro is our Metro Mine? How? Let it be theirs There three classes in our society. But those who travel the most in METRO Today We Name them as The METRO CLASS

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