MSU Horticulture Gardens 20th Anniversary
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MSU Horticulture Gardens 20th Anniversary

August 22, 2019

(Opening theme music)
(Nat Sound, “I’d like to introduce Dan Bulkowski our gardens managers”) Voice over Art Cameron:
Tonight we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary of the gardens. The gardens were dedicated
just about 20 years ago today. And we’re here to kind of celebrate. The gardens represent
a great deal to so many people in my mind. They provide inspiration, they can provide
education to our students, they can provide a place of spiritual healing, you know they
can provide so many things. Its beyond just looking at plants in a garden, but also providing
that connection to nature that we all need. If you watch and come here on an evening and
watch people taking pictures or watch the children playing in the children’s garden
or people just wandering and looking at plants, I think there is so much it brings to our
general public. Plus we offer the option to learn all these plants. Most of them are labeled
and we have many avid gardeners in our area that are always trying to figure out new tricks
of the trade. I teach a course in principles of horticulture and we’re out in these gardens
several times as maybe you can imagine, learning about plants, learning to identify plants
and also talking about gardening techniques. We have about 14 students right now who are
working in the gardens, taking care of the plants. Many of them are horticultural students
and they learn directly by hands on. The donor foundation is responsible for really what
made this happen. The gardens are largely privately funded and those dollars are really
what’s making this happen. We have a range of plants. We have ornamental plants that
you see, herbaceous perennials, annuals, fruits, vegetables, they’re all here. So if you wander
around these grounds long enough you’ll find something that will make you go, “I should
go home and try that”. (Closing theme music)

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