Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad & Logging Museum (Things to do in Elbe): Look Who’s Traveling
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Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad & Logging Museum (Things to do in Elbe): Look Who’s Traveling

August 24, 2019

[Baby] This bed is so old! We’re going on a trip to the Pacific Northwest. We will be visiting Seattle, Vancouver, and much more. Join us on our fun adventure. This is Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad. We’re driving to Elbe. We’re at Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad. This is a heritage railroad offering visitors a 2 hour steam powered adventure through the forest and foothills south of Mount Rainier National Park. The engineers are getting ready for the trip by greasing the wheels. All aboard! We will travel 14 miles to the Logging Museum in Mineral. Here comes the conductor to hole punch our tickets. [Baby] I love trains. The highlight of the train journey is crossing the Upper Nisqually River. [Baby] We’re going on the bridge. Now it’s time for snacks. [Baby] I’m eating Goldfish. We have reached the town of mineral. After a 45 minute train ride, we have arrived at the Logging Museum. This place features exhibits on the stories behind the men and women that called Pacific Northwest railroad logging camps home in the early to mid 1900’s. These giant vehicles were used to transport lumber. Hey look, I shrunk! Now I’m smaller than the wheel! Now we’re going inside this train to ring the bell. Now it’s Baby’s turn. It’s time to return to Elbe. The steam engine is connecting to the back of the train. We’re getting back on board. Baby is going car to car to see the front of the train. Baby likes seeing the steam engine going backwards. We had so much fun at Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad. For tickets and information, please visit Stayed tuned for San Juan Island with Kids. Please hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss a video. Also like and share this episode with your friends.

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