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September 10, 2019

Done? Not yet. Should I just taste and see? Looks like they are cooked. Why are you troubling me? This is exactly the reason why I don’t make samosas at home. You want to eat them before they are even cooked. You have no patience. Go and sit down; I will get the samosas and come to you. Wow! What wonderful smell! Let’s go and see what Patlu is cooking. I’m very hungry, a stormy idea is coming to my devilish mind, listen. Boss, we are running with the twenty crore rupees that we have stolen from the bank. Chingam will come here looking for us at any moment, if you’ll take my advice, let’s run. Chingam will go to our den, he will not come here to look for us. We’ll eat the samosas and run away somewhere else to some other town. Now listen to my idea. Patlu, hurry up and get the samosas. Be patient, I’m giving, it doesn’t take him a second to finish a whole plate. Patlu, how much longer will you take? I have been waiting for the samosas since a long time. You have eaten twenty samosas at least wait for twenty minutes more. Twenty samosas? When were they eaten? Who ate them? You haven’t given me a single samosa till now. How can that be? Twice I have gone and kept a plate full of samosas on the table. Someone ate my twenty samosas!! Patlu, I will not let him get away with this. Stop crying and let’s go and catch him. He has come twice, he will surely come a third time and this time he’ll not get samosas, he’ll get beaten up. Oh my god!! Daddy!! Idli, dosa, samosa!! Hey Chingam sir, what are you doing here? Motu Patlu, come quick, John has stolen twenty crore rupees from the bank and run away. I was in disguise at the bank with constables Hera and Feri. But yet he managed to fool me and run away with the money. First I’ll catch my twenty samosas thief then I will catch your twenty crore thief. Motu, I will make as many samosas as you can eat, first come to catch John. Today’s day is bad, I will not get samosas the full day. Let’s go. Look! There’s John. We’ll have to get on to that train. The train is too far, we’ll have to make a rope bridge, throw it across and then go hanging across. Chingam sir, you’re a pistol! You’re the hope of our country, I salute to you. Sir!! Help!! Bye bye, Motu and Patlu. Oh my god!! The rope idea proved to be bad. We’ll have to do something else. Hello! Doctor Jhatka, get your flying car and come to the Kamalpur train route, quickly. Follow the train, quickly. Oh my god!! Let me get in. When will we reach on top of the train? Why are you flying it so slow? Hey, sometimes you tell me to follow the train, sometimes you ask when we’ll reach on top of the train. Give me one straight order. Look, there are the flying pirates.They come flying, get on to the train, rob everyone on board and then fly away. Flying pirates? Now, what will happen? Beat them up! They cannot loot us and fly away, don’t let them get on to the train. What is the world coming to? They are leaving the thieves and attacking the soldiers. Let us get on to the train and then we’ll show you. Did you see that? They are threatening us. Once they get on to the train then just imagine what will happen. Just try and get on to the train you flying pirates. Friends, attack!!! Hey sir, you are also no less than a pistol.The country’s hope is on your shoulders. How do you want to attack? By air or by ground? By air. Big brother, take the car close to the train, we’ll jump off on top of it. I am getting a stormy idea in my devilish mind. Boss, keep all your stormy ideas to yourself. Motu and Patlu are coming here like a storm!! Wow! What a stunt!! It is worth the praise, everyone clap. Hey, they are coming to rob us, why should we clap? Just clap and see, they will not be able to reach here, trust me. Motu, people are praising you and you are not even saying thank you to them. Motu!! Oh my god!! Doctor Jhatka, tunnel!! Oh my lord! In my twenty years of experience such a thing has never happened. Motu Patlu, quick, jump on to the roof of the train. Motu Patlu, where are you? We are here. Motu Patlu, go and catch John, that is a direct order from me. Look, the flying pirates have come. They do not accept defeat, now what will we do? Dear lord above, save us. Run away you thief! You Dacoit! You Pirates!! Take this!! We are Motu and Patlu. We have come to catch John. We have nothing against you all, we are here to catch John. We are only going to beat up the man who has stolen twenty crore rupees from the bank. And made us out to be robbers. This is like pot calling the kettle black. Nobody move! Number one, number two, you have seen how I beat up John. Now you hit him or else we will all get together and beat up the two of you. Enough! How much will you hit a child? Sorry, I made a mistake. Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, just impopssible.

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