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September 23, 2019

Alright, hello everyone, it’s Opisek here,
and I’m finally back after about six months worth a break. Took quite the time off, haven’t I?
But as said, I’m finally back and in the meantime I managed to build
myself a new computer and what this will mean is that I’ll be able to record firstly more
frequently and secondly potentially more games than just Minecraft and that’s
exactly why I thought to myself we could play some Scrap Mechanic together today,
but before we start I would highly recommend you to join me Discord server
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regarding the channel, you can also talk to me, as well as other people in the
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contests and also multiply events, but now back to the game. ♫ Intro music plays ♫ Firstly what is scrap
mechanic, well it’s sort of like… It’s… It’s based around logics which is
basically the same thing as – the same thing redstone is based on and so that’s
why it won’t be too unfamiliar, but this is literally the first time I started this
game, so it would be a brand new experience for both of us, unless of
course you already played scrap mechanics, then I will be the noobie here
and I said it’s pretty much… Or not “pretty much the same”, but very similar
redstone in that your things like switches which are levers and probably
like lights. *typing* Lights.. Here! And what you can do is place those things next to one ‘nother,
connect them up like this and then you can press e to activate this lamp, but
where it already goes beyond what we’re able to create with redstone is that
those two things don’t even have to be next to one ‘nother This works just as well. But the different aspect where it shines is in how we are able to create movement and ther are two or three ways I know of. First of all, we have a piston; that’s quite familiar from redstone, however we are able to adjust the range
as well as the speed it extends at and there’s also I think known as controller,
but I’ll talk about this one later We also have bearings, which basically
create rotational movement, but you can’t hook it up directly to a switch.
You need something known as an engine and you hook it up like this: you put the
switch and you hook up the switch into the engine and then the engine to the
bearning. You can change the rotation the bearing rotates in and in the engine
itself you can set the speed. There are two types of engines – a gas engine and an
electric engine and I’ll explain the difference later when it comes to it and
I’m also not quite sure if I myself understand the difference, but the third
way we can handle movement is with thrusters so if I set this Varrick the
free-floating if a break isn’t hooked up to anything then it’s free-floating and
if you put the trustor here and then connectors up like this it does what we
want to think it would do now you can also adjust the speed of the tractor and
but then the other thing I’ll talk about is the controller and what’s the control
is able to do and create sequences for bearings and for business
so let’s say it starts at zero then extends to one block two blocks three
blocks and four bucks we found this connection anymore
and let’s do it a bit faster one two three four and such a controller can
control many different things at once I don’t know how many but I know it it can
it can handle a few of things at once for example this piston and this bearing the other thing I want to talk about is
the dedicated logic gate look and also a timer that educates block as what you
think it is so basically a way for you to process different inputs you have
things like and orcs are and also NAND nor and X nor then we can do this in
Minecraft but of course not with one single blocking just to show you it
works get the light again and hook it up here so right now we are set to and so
we have to tell both of those guys on for the light to go on this is all so
any of those or both so and one input has to be on the other one has to be off
and of course the emergence both have to be on and I’m not exactly it’s the
lightest on unless both gates are turned on and are the lightest on unless one or
more our tenth on and then the conversion of X or so this are pretty
cool but what I thought we could do today
let’s make a train and mana right right so this is going to be quite exciting
and I probably their palace and it’s probably not going to be the best train
if a vessel but and how big it will look how I imagined it to work is that we
would have a rail like this a three-wide from you so first of all how I imagined
stoic is that we’ll have whales on the top of this as well as on side of it and
so that it kind of slides across the rail right just out of I think report
three whales like this is the stuff that we collected up one two three four five and why are talking about this
suspension is because I want to put them here so that and that the Whalers are
kind of pushing against the right and what those special us to do is also have
some terms so then I think we put two wheels right here and then we also do
the same on the other side the tricky thing is that you have to place blocks
with the right mouse button but here you’re placing with the left mouse
button and brake with the right mouse button so our brakes on rocks
intentionally I already know that beautiful absolutely beautiful
then we need to copy the same thing but the same thing a few blocks away
from here one-two-three-four-five one-two-three-four-five and convert the
spinster one it just rejects all the way so I think two might be nice alright I like the fact you can do this
cheers me up and down arrow but I have open up my mouth so that means grab
mechanic those two side buttons are up and down and this is already a strong
start let me get this up over here but if you go below the ground what I think
quite choice that you have Freight different items boss I have to get used
to it yeah who have an electric engine and a gas engine what I think those are
as well an electric engine we probably output the exact same and strength all
the time gasps ingenuity slowly increase in decreasing speed as you turn it on or
off and what you also have is some things like this except it’s an even
number yeah that that won’t bother me and we also to switch the controller and
the controller right here I suppose okay here works and then I
need my binding to I want to find this store here and then
without control to all that business so that we can fix our vehicle on the right
all the business will start from zero and then we go to one are the specials
on tooth oh no those aren’t those are those are and those are okay and what I
also know is if you can connect button to your seat
and then you can get the sweet worth the number one carrot says number it is and
we can also find this to the engine and the engine will automatically and make
it make the we let’s go my questions forward when I press W and s have my
funnel but I will probably want to have double bearings here which I don’t like
this so that I can many related to go forward and backwards you thought me
pressing W and s answer to whatever / black here and I think that’s already a
good start and don’t let it fall down when I sit in
this vehicle press one and it it works but it’s quite slow
let’s see how far we can go a lot a bit crazy
yeah though the table works then I was thinking other any wedge pieces so that
we could create terms there’s something like this I would to go with those guys
all right I know there are none but that’s not bad because the other idea
ahead let’s still have a little gap here and connect this to the ground okay sir this
is sorry connected I can tell it’s Hollow
Bahama it’s connected now so the first essence the is to say we can even have a
gap like this then we will be able to put those on the bank and then turn them
a little without the Train basic returns and what this server also allow us to do
is have SMS ball terms that’s how you wanna handle turning as well as
autopilot and here you go up to the vehicle well this walk it okay so now
the idea would be to put a barrack here and then to exact the move the exact
same thing except that way we’ll put a controller and probably here now someone connected up with the panting table and
set it to let’s say that’s it okay minus 40 degree let’s go for 45 maybe too big
a turn that’s not small let’s go for 15 QQ yeah
looks just about right then we did this and that and this and
that yes that well this work kind of kind of and we might need to put
a suspension up how will this work put a block down here and it gets a
Wilding tool do this and then we can go here and change this to 15 now that we
can probably take put on the book here take our left and stop the right and
then shut esto fine since – 15 and first one and go if this works then I have a functional
design a bit on the short side and well it does work the register do some weird
stuff think opposed to up and this will be our new right system alright now we
want to connect this to the crowd I have another one here so on the right I
should go here sledgehammer and connect up like this just this switch this
should ten o’clock in place for itself has place for movement which is probably
a total fail this whole an idea we could do a little bit of this that we have
things known as sensors those are I will turn sense colors that’s it – and then
we could probably be able to and do this and now say 50 but now that if you write
out the place that it went through let’s see also also a tweak with speed it works it works absolutely great
except the speed is a bit too fast rabbit to lightweight let’s find that
green just remember grain is an absolutely brilliant idea you could put
the sensor sauce and salt here and all of those same on the back now ever
detect a grain block and two blocks from it all right to the end we kept rosters and at saying well we stay upright it’s
better it’s better I was before had whatever weather increases these would
be the tapas not vertical actually it’d work out way better than I expected
so Papa Papa deep Hey that’s actually running better than I
expected so in between the consents I exaggerated
all the way to there and it’s all connected up you do those business and
well that works but all right now this right interests a lot of black when you
spawn this creation of the right are just quite depressing
that’s quite depressing I could probably read the whole right as one object only
saying but that works the right works I said it was a black again and what
they also found out once that’s why the other equation is also here is that
increasing the suspension only helps out with the stuff a lot
this one has a suspensions of too far this one has suspensions all set to 12
and this one almost never has to use its thrusters and it can go at full speed
which is doing corrected now and I also change we start the bodies of that I
could technically control it using some logic blocks but then again the lack is
just unbearable both of the reasons probably right at the other part is and
I suppose the suspension the suspension comes retracted Porsche against the
rider but it other proof that it just won’t work is why I built this this
entrustment trusting best adjust better on this that’s got a special on fall but
that’s that’s one changing I think that lack is just wait about right about this
one also has a little button right here after pressing at the UM stairs flip up
and it would all be a reticle I find Calaca didn’t exist here but all right I
don’t wanna give up on this so what I thought we could do is make Hobart rain
cover around the rail and I guess reducing the contact between the trains
right probably could probably to the like and if that
doesn’t work out we could continue until my next project which is quite soon up
but yeah and how about rain it is I guess but unfortunately this is already
more that I have time for all day and I quickly wanted apologize for her bad
impression in the previous part of the video it’s all good now but I just
forgot to check my recording settings I still hope the video was good despite
the poor compression and if it was good then please make sure to LIKE button
tell me in the comments down below because improve and subscribe to the
next video which will include and more but I said this is everything
for the time and for a big everything for this world
see you later Hey! The lag is gone now. ♫ Outro music plays ♫

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