Monorail ride in Hershey Park with Babyteeth4
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Monorail ride in Hershey Park with Babyteeth4

October 12, 2019

so this is daughter she hotel we just
got your sunshade around I think all right okay what else we go Yelling’s
brings it off okay very nice mmm pictures a little cookie they gave us milk and cookies when we arrived there’s milk and I supposedly milk that is milk
okay oh that milk okay the cross okay collar off kisses Hershey bars very nice the man
behind the chocolate bar that’s it huh is there view or not I’d be a parking
lot it’s the lobby entrance oh no way there’s the lobby entrance of
thing that’s our beautiful apartment so we’re gonna have a lot of fun here in
Hershey yeah fancy mirror yep I think I already showed it joining excited to ride the monorail so
exciting it is exciting mr. bender Thanks
this is sealion that’s weird it’s out of town oh yeah Turkey’s commandeered oh dear soon wild in traffic the rollercoaster we’re gonna rock that look how close to this we’re already coming back thank you for watching I comes across
mono I own this watch your arms like the gates will be opening shortly

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