MMRA Graduate Program – James (Civil Engineering)
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MMRA Graduate Program – James (Civil Engineering)

September 8, 2019

So I’m James, I studied at RMIT
and I’m from Melbourne. I found out about it accidentally, just having a flick through my old student email. Just seeing if there was anything important
I’d missed or if there was anything interesting going on. Turns out, there was. So I saw this job being advertised. It was in the closing days of the intake. So I quickly got my act together, updated the resume and applied for it. I just realised this was, probably, one of the
best projects I could get onto and one of the best opportunities I could take
coming straight from uni. And also I thought the fact of digging a big tunnel through Melbourne was really cool as well, it was really fascinating. I think there was about three stages, and each stage has required a bit of information, there’s a few questions you had to ask for in
the online interview. And, you know, you found out pretty quickly
if you had the job or not, if you’d gotten through to the next stage. Turns out I had. But HR was, sort of, in contact with us. There were a few updates but they seemed pretty cool and calm so I caught onto that and it helped me relax a bit, actually. So I play basketball. I can dunk it. I’m certain that will come up in the project, at one point. I just want some direction of where to go in my career. I really want to use this grad opportunity to try as many different things that I can, work out what I liked, what I didn’t like, probably what I was good at, and then you know, follow into that direction afterwards. There’s a lot of interaction with a number of people working on this project. Just trying to understand their requirements and how it fits in with the bigger picture. And it’s an important aspect of the job to be constantly, you know, keeping informed and knowing what the public’s thinking and
I really like that aspect of it.

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