Metro’s Capital Improvement Projects 2011-2015
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Metro’s Capital Improvement Projects 2011-2015

September 1, 2019

In fiscal year 11 WMATA began executing a
very aggressive capital program of almost five billion dollars.
Of that, almost a billion dollars has been spent on our rolling stock – new buses, bus rehabilitations,
rail car rehabilitations and replacing our Metro Access vehicles.
We’ve also invested almost 335 million in our track rehabilitation program renewing
rails, cross ties and fasteners. This is 115 pound running rail that was delivered
to our Greenbelt facility that we will use to replace old rail in the system.
We’ve renewed approximately 64 linear miles of running rail, which is what we see here.
It’s delivered to our Greenbelt production facility in 78 foot long sticks.
And it’s here where weld it into 390 foot long stringers and put that in the system.
This is a wood cross tie. We’ve replaced approximately 83,000 wood cross
ties in the system, which is about 25% of our total inventory.
The tie plates which secure the rail are fastened to the wood cross tie and that’s what holds
the gauge. Here we have a guarded number 8 switch with
the two switch rails, the two stock rails and based upon the alignment of these switch rails will
dictate whether the train makes a straight through move or makes a turning move.
As an effect of a NTSB recommendation, we’ve replaced over 176 switches or number
8 guarded turnouts throughout the system. We have also invested 145 million dollars
in updating our track maintenance equipment – that equipment used to rehabilitate the
track infrastructure and also to maintain our rail car vehicle fleet.
Examples being very unique, one-of-a-kind piece of equipment a 330 foot long balast vacuum
which sucks the old rock out of the system and then we come in behind that and we can
install new balast to make sure that we have a good, firm foundation for which to secure
our running rails. This is our 7000 series commissioning facility
where we will commission all 748 rail cars to be delivered.
The biggest improvement is just the lighting, how bright it is.
It feels much more welcoming. There’s no doubt that this will become our
most reliable series in the fleet. From fiscal year 2011 through fiscal year
2015 in support of our aggressive vertical transportation program, we have rehabilitated
148 escalators, replaced 27 escalators, and rehabilitated 44 elevators.
We have replaced kiosks, replaced station ceiling tile, have installed new stairs, have
fixed station platforms, and installed new tactile warning devices.
The Shady Grove Metro station platform was cracked, deteriorated.
That program renewed the entire station platform surface.
We should be done with Minnesota Avenue station platform in early Spring of 2016.
We have also invested 88 million dollars in facilities which will deliver a safer and
more secure transit environment to include our Special Operations Division facility and
our District 2 Police Substation, which was dedicated in December of 2014 to our first
officer lost in the line of duty Mr. Harry Davis, Jr.
Much has been accomplished between fiscal year 11 and fiscal year 15, however much more
needs to be done.


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    @1:56 ballast has two L's

  • Reply RailFanBen 59 January 15, 2016 at 10:53 pm

    I need an intro like that. The best one i have seen! Good job!

    The only thing I hate is going up/down those mile-long excelators.

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