Metro Tunnel – Shortlist for Tunnels and Stations works announced
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Metro Tunnel – Shortlist for Tunnels and Stations works announced

October 14, 2019

This is such a fantastic project. I can confirm
that following an extensive process, we have shortlisted three of the world’s leading construction
firms, partnership arrangements with each of them, they will move to the next stage
of this competitive tender process for around $6 billion worth of station construction and
tunnelling work. These are three of the biggest construction companies in the world who are
all desperate to be involved in building Australia’s biggest public transport project. That gives you
a sense of just how significant this undertaking is. Part of moving to this next stage of the
detailed tender and procurement process is also we can announce for you that
there will be six up to 100 metre long tunnel boring machines, these weighing up to 1,000
tons each. They will remove enough soil, enough fill from underneath the city to fill 800
Olympic-sized swimming pools. This is a massive task. Yes it will be disruptive. But it’s
worth the effort and it’s worth the inconvenience. It does take some time, that’s the nature
of projects that are as big and as important as this one. These five new stations, nine
kilometres of track, such a significant boost to the capacity of our public transport system
that you won’t need a timetable. This will be a turn up and go public transport system.
If you’ve missed that train you can wait a couple of minutes and the next one will be along just
in time for you. That’s what world class cities right around the world have got, and that’s what Melbourne and Victoria is entitled to as well. We have three world class consortiums
bidding for what is an incredibly exciting project here in the Melbourne Metro
Tunnel. Once this tender process is completed, we’ll see the three shafts that have been
constructed as part of that early works package. That work will start early next year and we’ll
see those shafts constructed in the CBD. This will mean, once this tender is awarded, the
companies can start immediately with that important next stage. So we are locking in
together all the different elements of this project. And as I said, it is so important
that we do it as promptly as we can, meet each milestone, and deliver what is not just
an exciting project, it’s a vitally needed project for Melbourne and Victoria, providing
enormous capacity on our public transport system and importantly too, providing thousands and
thousands of construction jobs over the coming years.

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