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Metro Trains Melbourne’s Story

September 9, 2019

♪ (Music Playing) ♪ In the rail industry, we’re not just delivering training for our own staff, we’re delivering training for the contractors as well who access our rail network. And because there’s not a course you can go to at TAFE that is Certificate IV in rail that’s run as a public course, we deliver it ourselves through our own RTO. Our industry is going through a huge growth phase. Billions of dollars is being invested in major projects, and we’ve got a responsibility to provide development to the broader rail industry so that we’ve got the capability to deliver on these major projects that the government is investing in. The vocational training that people receive through our industry and through our business, it allows them to have a hands on experience and in fact take a theoretical knowledge that they might have picked up through their engineering degrees for example and then be able to actually apply that through the education they get through the Metro Academy. What we’re really proud of is that we’ve changed in some instances the perception of vocational education in our business. So people come in here and have seen the way we do things and the real outcomes they have that they can actually apply out in the business and have real wins for business, and make their lives easier and our customers. And so in that way I think they leave the Academy understanding a little bit more about what vocational education is and the real impact it can have and the results it can deliver. ♪ (Music Playing) ♪ When I came to Metro I found out about Metro Academy, and within a couple of months I’d been nominated to go into the Diploma of Frontline Management. At University I did chemical engineering, and it was a very different area of work I suppose. It’s not related to railway in almost any way, so coming in and doing sort of more of a frontline management course where it taught me real management and leadership skills rather than sort of more technical skills was a really good complement to what I’d already done, even though my engineering wasn’t related to the railway. The winner of the Large Employer of the Year Award, and it goes to Metro Trains Melbourne. And awards like this that show a demonstrated commitment to training, upskilling, a real commitment to providing staff with the training and development that they require, that’s really important to show to the government that we’re serious about looking after the workforce, and serious about skilling the rail industry as a whole. ♪ (Music Playing) ♪

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