metro Léger/metro chet – Nooit gebruikte metrostations!

September 8, 2019

The Métro Léger de Charleroi is a premetro
system in the Belgian conurbation Charleroi The system was known for a long time as a ‘grand travail inutile’
translated a ‘big useless work’ because a large part of the system was unused for a long time. In 2012 the network was thoroughly reorganized and many expansions were still in service On 21 June 2013, the reorganization was completed by the opening of the new tram line to the north. But in some stations, no tram
has been driven to date. The sound of the following recordings is not recorded accurately. That’s why there’s a lot of music in this episode. We apologize, it is being worked on! Just like in Liege, things are apparently being built here, Such as subway lines, underground and above ground, which are never used. We are now in ‘Metro Chet’ in Charleroi. This station is built, but never used. According to our information, no tram has ever driven here. Still, I find that a little weird, because I think that has already driven a tram here. There are the escalators! To go down. Or upwards! That is the passage. That is just closed there! Kurt, be careful when you step on these things here. Be careful not to fall through here! That plate with that sensor here, you’re going to feel that! To there, or to there? I do not know! Can not you see that on your cell phone? You can go both ways. Then we both do them, but first we go there. Do you hear that hum? Yes, this is under stress! That comes from that. This is under stress! Are not we going to walk all the way there? do you? its not far! That is only a few hundred meters. Normally they are no further than 500 meters apart. I still feel that there is power on those pipes. It is not intended that you touch that. Is this track running? Or not? There are no trains here! No, but there are traces.

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