Metro launches workforce development program WINLA
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Metro launches workforce development program WINLA

November 19, 2019

Well, nothing stops a bullet but a career
that’s a true statement, but bullets don’t have names on ’em. What I know for sure
is that a career can save lives. If we can get the age group after 18 to 35 to get
those young men and women to pick up tape measurerss instead of guns and now to
buy homes instead of doing home invasions, those type of things will have
a positive effect on the community. The program that Metro has, WINLA, is very vital because they get to see individuals from their community make those changes
and become better. WINLA is Workforce Initiative Now Los Angeles. It’s a comprehensive workforce development program. We see WINLA as an
opportunity for members of our communities and really members of our
disadvantaged communities, to have a career not just merely a job but a career path. I chose the transportation industry because of the ample opportunities it can offer, such as opportunities in just not construction but also
operations, maintenance, administration, IT… I joined the military in 1995. Both
agencies — Metro and the military — provide you tools, provide you the training, and the
opportunities for success. The transportation industry is an industry
with diverse areas of opportunity An individual can enter either operations, maintenance, construction and have really a career path. A career path for upward
mobility. There are so many different ways that you can go. I started out as a bus operator, but there’s planning… There’s environmental, there’s rail. WINLA is going to introduce you to the transportation industry. You know,
preparing you for a future. Right now we simply know that more than 28 percent to nearly 30 percent of our current workforce is eligible to retire and in the future we know that that’s going to increase to possibly more than 50% in
the coming years. We must have the skilled workforce ready and able for us
to be able to deliver the upcoming projects and programs the overall
portfolio that we have to deliver for the system. The young men and women
need to understand I got to have a stake in my communities. So it’s vital that
WINLA starts it now because individuals men and women in the
community get to see and understand their peers doing the right thing with
the help and aid assistance of Metro… having the forethought to say “hey you
know what? Let me invest in the community.” Let the community be a part of the building process. Don’t let your beginnings be your endings. if you’re part of WINLA you’ll have an
opportunity to have new beginnings Come on board and join us. So that’s a win-win for Metro and it’s a win-win for the community.

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