MEIER Live Parties: Ride the Roosevelt Island Tramway With Zach & Josh

September 12, 2019

(lively music) – Hi there. Josh Dess and Zach Ogilvie
here from MEIER Real Estate. We’re continuing our weekly video content here with you at the
Roosevelt Island Tramway. Let’s take a ride. – Hi, Raphael Polonia here
with MEIER Real Estate, here visiting Roosevelt Island today on a beautiful New York
City cool day, breezy day, enjoying, actually, for the
first time as a New Yorker, a ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram. The tram consists of two carts. It can occupy 125 passengers each. It also comes across the
East River 115 times a day. It’s actually operated by the MTA. You can use your MTA
pass to reach the island. It’s a great experience
to catch the views, some of the scenery of the
eastern part of Manhattan and, of course, Roosevelt Island. You guys should definitely
come and experience. – All right, so that concludes our trip
here to Roosevelt Island. Catch us next week on MEIER Live Party.

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