Mega Projects in Uttarpradesh and Bihar || UP, Bihar Economy, road and rail projects
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Mega Projects in Uttarpradesh and Bihar || UP, Bihar Economy, road and rail projects

October 10, 2019

hello friends welcome to our channel social life today we will talk about up and Bihar Mega projects and development in the previous video we have compared Uttar Pradesh and Bihar with the rest of India to show how backward Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are when compared to India, we request you to watch that video Once and in this video will only talk about the development of the Bihar and Uttar Pradesh so the video is going to be interesting stay tuned to us my name is Ahaan, you are watching social life let us begin the video although the central government have started more than hundred schemes but only 10 to 15 schemes are being worked on the ground level the remaining schemes are either in the initial stages or very less work has been done on them but the schemes which are being worked have benefited Uttar Pradesh and Bihar very much let us talk about those schemes now less number of toilets in India was a big issue of, and also was criticized in International levels but in 2014 swachh Bharat Mission was launched by the government under this scheme toilets will be constructed and the population will be encouraged to use the toilets when this scheme was launched that more than 50% population was not using toilets but if we consider today more than 90% of people are using toilets this is biggest achievement of India the scenario was same with Uttar Pradesh but these numbers have now changed now 94% Population of Uttar Pradesh is using toilets and in Bihar 67% of population is using toilets currently this number is very less but it is being worked on and the government has promised that India will be open defecation free by 2019 apart from this another scheme called saubhagya scheme was launched with an aim to provide electricity to everyone in India and when this scheme was launched the more than 25% of Indian population did not have electricity and now it is only 9% remaining, with 91% of population electrified Uttar Pradesh has a coverage of 70% electricity, while Bihar has 94% and the government has planned to make India open defecation free along with 100% electrification by 2019 other than these two schemes, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar got benefited from another scheme call Ujjwala Yojana under the scheme free gas connections were distributed and the people were encouraged to use the gas India has a total of 24 crore houses and by 2018 8 crores houses were benefited with this scheme and via Bharat net project broadband connectivity is brought all over India and in the Phase 1 of this project 22000 gram panchayats of Uttar Pradesh and 5200 gram panchayats of Bihar were connected with broadband and the remaining gram panchayats are being worked on although the project was started in 2012 but the government has said that it will complete this project by 2019 and after the completion of this project rural India’s economy will be greatly affected now let’s talk about connectivity and we will firstly talk about Road connectivity Uttar Pradesh road connectivity is India’s one of the largest and it is being expanded and new expressways and Highways are under construction like Delhi Meerut Expressway which is of length 96 km and this is an 8 line highway, which can be later on converted into 14 Lane highway the cost of this Expressway is estimated to be 1.1 billion dollar and this is divided into four sections, of which one section is inaugurated in May 2018 which is of 18km Purvanchal Expressway is also under construction service 90% of land is acquired already and is launched the total entries of 343 km and the cost is 23000 crores and the government has said that this will complete within 3 years, after the completion of this project it will connect Azamgarh and Ghazipur to the capital city Lucknow and recently Delhi Saharanpur Expressway was launched with the length of 154 kilometres this project is divided in three phases apart from this construction of 2 other expressways Lucknow Kanpur Expressway and Bundelkhand Expressway will also be launched soon all these projects are approved and the government has planned to complete this within 2021 the government is going to invest 2 lakh crore rupees for the road and National Highway projects in Uttar Pradesh and new 500000 kilometre roads and specific can be seen soon in this area and most of this projects are under construction in Bharat Mala when we talk about international airports, 2 international airports are operational in Uttar Pradesh two international airports are currently under construction one is kasiya International Airport which is kushinagar district the government has said that they will make this International Airport operational by 2019 March another Airport is in Greater Noida which is also called Jewar International Airport the cost of this Airport is 4000 crores and it is being funded by PPP the construction of this airport will begin in 2019 and by 2022 this report will be operational now let’s talk about Smart City mission this project was started in 2015 and the work was launched in 2017, maximum number of cities for this are selected from Uttar Pradesh out of the 100 smart cities selected Uttar Pradesh has got 13 smart cities these cities will be provided with 13000 crore from the state and Central Government to develop these cities if the funds exceed then it will be funded via PPP and four cities have been selected from Bihar for the Smart City mission where 4000 crore rupees will be invested


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