Mega Hängeschrank aus Restholz mit Beleuchtung #DIY
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Mega Hängeschrank aus Restholz mit Beleuchtung #DIY

October 19, 2019

Too much residual wood in the basement? In this video, I’ll show you how you can easily build a wall cabinet with waste wood! Nice that you have turned back on, when it says Time for Practice Do you know that, too? Many small pieces of residual wood from previous projects that you really can no longer use? It does not have to be thrown away. You can easily build new things with it, just like I have a wall cabinet! For this cabinet, I need larger wood panels. To get these I glue smaller woods together on the front side. So that the stability is maintained, I recommend you to use dowels. It’s very easy with the Meisterdübler! Look in the video description. For the first wooden plate, holes are placed in the center, at the ends. Then the master doughler is adjusted to the thickness of the wood. And the plate to be glued flush with the counterpart. Now put holes in the piece to be glued. Make sure that the holes are not too deep, otherwise the dowels will slip too far into the wood. Now wood glue on it, glue the dowels and put together both wooden boards. Now you have made a larger wooden plate from two small pieces of wood. Once the glue has hardened, you can saw the wooden plate to size. All the parts you see in this video I made with this method. The back wall also consists of several wooden parts. Now let’s create the corpus. Side, floor and ceiling panels are glued and screwed. Now insert the back wall into the carcass and also gluing and screwing. This creates a stable connection. Since I want to build a cabinet from several compartments, I use partitions. In the interior you can see how the individual woods were glued to a larger plate. Now we let the doors emerge. Since the doors are not exposed to any mechanical stress I have waived in this case on dowels. After the glue has hardened the paint follows. The first coat consists of a wood primer. The doors are painted in blue and the carcass in gray. If you like the color look in the video description. There I linked the color. The doors are connected to the carcass with simple metal hinges. In the meantime, I have mounted the cabinet on the wall. I used four dowels of size 8mm Insert shelves. The right lighting is provided by an LED strip, that is mounted with a U-rail to the bottom of the hanging cabinet. You can also find these parts in the video description. LIGHT ON! And you have the perfect lighting for your workbench or desk. Just leave a thumbs up and a comment if you liked the video. Do not forget to watch my other videos Subscribe now Have fun when rebuilding! Thank you for turning it back on when it says Time for Practice!

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  • Reply MrNathanel October 19, 2019 at 5:32 pm

    Könntest du mal ein wenig über die LEDs berichten? Und welchen Trafo du verwendest? Meine Billig LEDs geben grad den Geist auf

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