Meet Cyrano de Bergerac | 1 – 22 Sep | Citizens Theatre at Tramway |
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Meet Cyrano de Bergerac | 1 – 22 Sep | Citizens Theatre at Tramway |

October 10, 2019

I guess I first came across Cyrano as a story watching, I can’t remember if it was the Gérard Depardieu film or the Steve Martin Roxanne film I read it and I had so many questions about him I think I used to really love playing parts that when I read them I understood them straight away because I thought oh I know how to play this part and that used to be, you know, I used to really enjoy that and now as I get older I think I much prefer reading something and being like but what? but that’s such a contradiction! and where does that come from? He’s such an enigmatic character I think He’s deeply in love with his cousin Roxane but Cyrano has a rather large nose and he doesn’t think that he’ll ever
be able to win Roxane’s love and then what happens is
there’s a very young good-looking guy that comes along and who is really into Roxane as well and Roxane really likes him The young good-looking guy, Christian, is very gorgeous but can’t really string two words together so Cyrano who is also a poet ends up writing the words
that he then delivers to Roxane So you have comedy, real comedy moments within that and also that’s where the tragedy comes through as well It’s a real feast for the eyes when you’re reading it the Edwin Morgan translation it’s all written in Glaswegian which brings such a comedy to it and actually the thing I’ve really noticed
since reading that I’ve read one of the first translations
into English from the original and actually the similarity and feeling that it captures is amazing like the kind of
Glaswegian swagger so I think it really captures something
from the original as well But very much roots it in Glasgow,
you know, which is great Love, honour, swagger and noses!

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