MATA Bus and Mud Island Monorail Fanning
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MATA Bus and Mud Island Monorail Fanning

October 11, 2019

Out in Memphis, TN for 2 weeks Did some bus fanning with Memphis’ MATA Bus network yet vey few buses running Here is Main St which mostly has vintage streetcars running upon the 3 routes MATA runs However due to necessary car maintenance the vintage streetcars have been taken out of service For over 2 years and replaced with temporary shuttle bus service with trolley buses and 30ft Gilligs The first 2 clips are gilligs running on the 4-Walker and 2-Madison routes Here is the interior of the Mud Island Suspended Monorail connecting Downtown to Mud Island Park The ride was very shaky and very hot inside Above the tracks is a walkway bridge to the island anyone can use for free However to ride the monorail is $4 for a round trip ticket Crossing over the Mississippi River with the other car passing by Essentially its similar to the Roosevelt Island cable car in Manhattan NY Entering Mud Island River Park (Terminal Station) Thanks for watching, Please subscribe and comment

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