Mascouche line inbound – 2/3
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Mascouche line inbound – 2/3

December 3, 2019

Repentigny’s Repentigny station along new Mascouche Subdivision railway (2014).
Regretably, this train line’s link into downtown Montreal abandoned 6th January 2020.
Our line to commence temporarily terminating at Montreal’s north end station
Ahuntsic come 6th January 2020, and then from 2022 at new station,
next stop inbound there, named A40 after numbering of expressway. Passing underneath Félix-Leclerc expressway, same roadway as the Met. Leaving Repentigny, entering Charlemagne. Melding into Joliette Sub from Mascouche Sub at its downstream end. Passing over River des Prairies from North Shore mainland
to Island of Montreal via Bourdon Island. Leaving Charlemagne to momentarily clip corner of
Terrebonne before then re-entering Repentigny. Peering at confluence into St Lawrence River in and around at least one dozen islands. Leaving Repentigny again, entering Montreal. Passing Pointe-aux-Trembles Division, and thus pursuing
Saint-Laurent Sub instead of Joliette. Passing over Metropolitan expressway. Merging alongside Longue Pointe Spur and eventually absorbing it. Passing over Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine expressway. Passing over Stream de Montigny. St Joseph Oratory at right upon Mt Royal, Université de Montréal
tower hidden by clutter here.

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