Making the ULTIMATE Nerf Dart? (An Adventure in Foam & Silicone Casting)
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Making the ULTIMATE Nerf Dart? (An Adventure in Foam & Silicone Casting)

October 10, 2019

Oh oh guys check this out that’s a Nerf dart! Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and we’re
and I forgot my name Bill and Britt from Punished Props and today we’re gonna make the ultimate
Nerf dart oh dang it not even close I’m out oh me too I wonder if that worked how long
have you been wanting to make your own Nerf dart I’ve tried in the past and it didn’t
work wait what have we signed up for I have a better plan now getting the diameter just
right so that it plugged up the barrel but just loose enough so that it could actually
fire was kinda tricky so the plan I think will work is to make it out of foam like they
do for Nerf check this out ready is that what we’re gonna get yep really squish it oh that’s
really squishy different densities so we wanna figure out which one we think is most nerf
like ah foam so you’re gonna make a design, we’re gonna make a design yup and I wanna
3D print the molds 3D modeling first sweet to Fusion! 3D modeling footage everyone knows
is just so exciting to watch it’s riveting I’m about to do something pretty cool tell
me when and I’ll zoom in dramatically ahhh so cool! Bill has some thoughts here’s our dart the
tip will be silicone and body will be foam yeah so I wanna make a mold for just the…
just the tip hahahaha and we’ll cast it in silicone that’s just this part here. then we’ll have another mold that’s the full
thing and I’ll cast this, put it into the tip of the other mold and it’ll have a cavity
for the foam cast the foam in behind it hopefully the foam will creep around and grab onto that
so that they’ll stick together and then they will be one it’s the next morning we’re gonna
see if our prints worked yay no running my action slide didn’t work out oh my goodness
man those look so shiny alrighty ohhh haaa it really does look like a gummy treat that
looks delicious oh don’t eat that so we want this to fit because we need to place these
in here before we cast the foam oh Bill check it out yessss foam time while it’s still pretty
thin is when you wanna pour it because otherwise it won’t flow in and around all our details
it’s already expanding it’s already expanding! Oh a little worried maybe it won’t be horrible
it probably… no! aw yeah ok well like hey whose fault was that Bill it was Bill’s fault
the good news is this feels like a nerf dart alright ok take two guys check this out that’s
a nerf dart! that’s awesome should we try it right now try and shoot them yeah why not
do we have a modified without the thing in it we can make that happen oh that’s way easier
let’s just snip that off and keep the rest on so we can use this for testing now wiggle
it like that the silicone seems fairly well bonded to the foam I was expecting this to
want to fall out but it seems pretty well stuck to it it’s got some good weight on the
end yeah hahaha my worry is like I’m not sure if they’re rigid enough. I think Bill’s is going to explode I have
real high hopes for mine I bet Evan’s is gonna go end over end alright so original first
original first i think the original’s gonna do the best hahaha ye of little faith honestly
I agree mine’s gonna flip flop all over the place it’s already it’s already flopping original
elite nerf dart oh yeah that was surprising ok so the real darts did pretty well but it
was time to put ours to the test my nerf dart moment of truth it fits really well oh it
does locked and loaded ahhh hahahaha it took the whole thing with it oh it took the whole
thing oh no it was too snug ok i’m gonna just mash that in there ready did it oh there it
is ok love i’m worried hahaha it came out it did better hahaha nice try I think that’s
an improvement this is a mega gun but I have an adapter to shoot the smaller darts which
is what we’ve been using but the mega darts are 2 and a half ounces and that’s about what
mine weighs so the weight it’s not the weight not the weight not the weight I think it might
be too loose it’s gripped in there really well and this one is not gripped so I think
that it should be about like 12 and a half that is right maybe we need a different type
of foam we will have to do some more… work. ok so it’s day two and this was a flopping
failure would you call it a flop oh I would call it a flop it’s too squishy and I think
this hole down the real darts when it fires the air pushes on the back of where most of
the weight is so maybe we have to have a tube down the middle of it so we need to somehow
add more rigidity and weight but also have a hole down the middle taking out some of
the rigidity and weight yes ooo I wonder if we could do a test where we fill this hole
and then fire it again and see if the hole affects it ok good test let’s do it ah there’s
a cat hair in my eye oh it’s just normal I think this one is gonna work as well as normal
darts do I think the one filled in will actually not go as far because it’s heavier I think
that the filled nerf dart is outperform the hollow one really? is that just because I
said the opposite no i think it is because I think that a little bit of weight will be
good I think that nerf actually figured out the right the right weight for their darts
haha you think they know what they’re doing alright let’s see sorry Bob hollow center
oh haha dramatically better where’s the modified one that doesn’t clearly worse so you need
the center hole for reasons for our next darts we tried adding a hole down the center and
compressing the foam with a plate to make it a little denser here we go now it’s time
for the plates this isn’t heavy enough it started to push out I guess this is our life
for the next five minutes so we had mixed results my rod popped out hahaha and whoa
oh it came right out so official looking it looks like a nerf dart slightly more rigid
you’re right yeah it is definitely not well let’s wiggle test that’s good news that’s
really good news it looks really good who knows if it’s gonna work I think it’s gonna
act the same as before I think adding the hole to this one is gonna make a big difference
locked and loaded this is my new dart that is filled and slightly more dense than the
previous one I think that was actually better than the first one my dart with the hollow
center not bad not bad not great either I feel like if we keep refining our designs
we’ll just end up with one of these haha it’s so much more firm oh this feels really good
this feels like a nerf dart yeah yeah shall we test them yes it’s a little snug why no
no come here so normal dart this one is definitely a lot more dense yeah alright so we may have
to actually take a step back before the less dense foam we capped it so it would stay compressed
take four we’re going to use the same foam and not cap it so it is not compressed oh
yeah let’s shoot these guys nerf has spent a lot of time engineering these darts to work
with their blasters this is the fourth and final iteration I’m hoping it at least leaves
the barrel I think at this point I realize what’s going on this will never perform we
made these it’s definitely much more squishy just snug enough if it leaves the barrel then
it did better than that one I definitely think it’s gonna fire and I think it’s gonna be
better than all of our past attempts mostly because we’re just getting closer and closer
to the actual nerf design I’m gonna be optimistic and wear eye protection alright here we go
yay good shot ok should we try yours yeah ok I’m gonna aim at Bob angle up 45 oh I almost
hit him Katelyn throw it back woooooo we did it that’s awesome does that count as a win
that counts as a win yeah after 4 days that counts as a win haha you can make your own
nerf darts it’s 100% possible so we succeeded they just don’t work well hahaha ok so I thought
that nerf had this design to be safe I was like well they’re just limiting themselves
so we can just make it a lot better right? turns out that nerf has spent a lot of time
engineering these darts do you think the rifling made a difference no no at all but I do think
we got to try a lot of cool things with this mixing silicone cast with a foam cast using
3D printed molds our darts are very pretty and durable I definitely want to try molds
like this in the future we made exactly what we designed successful venture in prototyping
yes but I think what we really need is a few m ore brains on this so if you guys have any
ideas based on our iterations or maybe something completely different that you think would
make for a better nerf dart and I’m sure we can list all the materials we used yeah we’ll
list everything we used below and if you guys want to learn more about casting foam silicone
why don’t you guys tell them about your channel Punished Props Academy we teach people how
to make props and costumes but specifically we have a whole series on molding and casting
you can find all that stuff over on Punished Props dot com and if you like this video and
you wanna support us so that we can make more videos, you can buy our awesome merch that
which is the this is actually like this is the epitome of this shirt oh my gosh we made
then we failed then we made then we failed and we learned so much through this process
you can also check us out on Patreon we do an aftershow after every video where we talk
about behind the scenes stuff we’re about to record that now with us yes with Bill and
Britt it’s gonna be extra special it’s gonna be very… it’s gonna be extra special bye
see ya no I tried ahh drip it’s gonna drip it’s dripping down the side these don’t even
wanna leave you shot me hahaha whoops sorry bob the orange one the orange one we didn’t
make any orange ones this is green haha I went to art school


  • Reply dolfinmagikpro November 15, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    Would love to see y'all do a video on Mold release agent comparisons. I have heard that Vaseline (sorry petroleum jelly), non-stick cooking spray, vegetable oil, and even butter can work as a mold release agent. Most, if not all, are cheaper than "Official" mold release agents. Maybe compare how each one is used for the different types of molds and materials being molded. Resin, concrete, foam, etc. Just a thought / suggestion! Keep up the great work!

  • Reply Mr. Nicholas November 21, 2018 at 3:29 pm

    I love that they called that shot a win! Lol. Great video guys.

  • Reply Urisk November 24, 2018 at 7:29 am

    Finally being adukts with our own money, my brother and I just bought our first Nerf guns ever! Immediately my mind went to how I might try to make biodegradable darts so that we can chase each other around outside without having to panic if we lose one.

  • Reply Douwe Komdeur December 4, 2018 at 1:24 pm

    the silecone is non slip. mabye that's the problem?

  • Reply Prabin Talukdar December 5, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    Its to hard

  • Reply wil D December 7, 2018 at 1:18 am

    If nerf bullets are anything like real bullets than the hole in the back is to allow the bullet expand to make a perfect seal to the barrel and not allow any gases to escape. But with a nerf bullet I bet if you took one of their bullets are part will give you a better idea of what exactly the tip was designed like. But I have feel that the nerf tip are probably less top heavy as the ones you had all created. Also the more bullet like the tip you can make it will probably help with areodynamics.

  • Reply Colin Kelley December 18, 2018 at 10:29 pm

    Same molds. Use concrete.

  • Reply Rene Vergara December 19, 2018 at 9:56 pm

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  • Reply David Little March 15, 2019 at 5:59 am

    I used to cut the foam near the rear of the dart at an angle, multiple times, and flare it creating small fletches that would impart a roll to the dart after it left the gun. I also used make blow guns that were lined with glassy tape at an angle, and small gaps between the strips of tape, that when rolled up, on the inside of the barrel, would create rifling that the dart could engage with. The blow guns were rolled from 11×17 paper with the breech end being 1 to 2 mm wider than the muzzle end. These things combined, and in the same direction of roll, did make for much faster and flatter shots.

  • Reply newhawk March 23, 2019 at 2:28 am

    I think what you did was amazing, but the rifling actually hinders your darts because they couldn't get enough pressure to shoot out faster.

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  • Reply Ian Cockerline April 3, 2019 at 4:35 am

    I didn't read through too many comments, so others may have caught this too. I think the silicone tips need to be slightly smaller in diameter than the foam so they don't grab the barrel. If you look at the nerf ones, that is how they appear to be designed. I suspect the foam would slide more freely on the barrel than the silicone.

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    Perhaps you can shoot them with air pressure from a compressor through pvc. I suggest trying insulating foam boards. It is a solid very light but hard foam. I believe the soft nature of your darts allowed for too much compression of air on them before they left the barrel. I do like the riffling idea for accuracy. I believe the silicone head should way equal to the body. To get an idea for proper size. That is my assessment. I wish I could make them but that will have to be another time, when I'm not working three jobs and renovating my house when not sleeping. Thank you for all your efforts and the fun, and insperation you provide.

  • Reply Sophie Johnson April 6, 2019 at 10:52 pm

    You need a denser foam and a hole in the middle of dart and the tip should be smaller than what Evan and Katelyn made and I think that the little grooves helped it not get to snug since the air is pushing it out

  • Reply Justin S April 7, 2019 at 5:10 am

    Have you looked it up on YouTube? I've seen plenty videos on here on how to make homemade amo for nerf.

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  • Reply xBURRITOMASTERx April 23, 2019 at 2:16 am

    I feel like the rifling within the dart has a lot to do with the dart not being able to travel a long distance, what i feel is happening is that the air pressure is being released through those rifling in the dart and not causing enough pressure behind the dart to make it cut through the air like a normal dart would. Maybe try the same darts you guys made but without the rifling. If you do want some kind of rifling then maybe modify the barrel so that there is actual rifling like how in real rifles have (maybe use a razor blade and push it down the barrel and slowly twist it as you go down). Also I do believe the hole in the back makes a difference on how far the dart can travel. And also maybe the tip you guys made was a little too big and too dense. The tips on normal nerf darts are hollow and thin rubber like material (this may be for a softer impact against a person but it might also have to do with airflow and the balance point of the dart but idk). I am by no means anyone who absolutely knows wtf im talking about im just trying to maybe give advice that you haven't heard yet (i am an inspiring engineer who is currently in college to become a mechanical engineer but that is not a reason why my thoughts should be anymore relevant than others) I think you guys can make a better nerf dart its just gonna be a lot of trial and error….and a lot of coffee. Cant wait for the second attempt guys! LOVE THE VIDS <3

  • Reply Nils Fast April 23, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    Some thinks, that will make it better (maby):
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  • Reply Rocadamus April 23, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    THE SECRET: A smaller point with a lighter foam. Weight is a huge factor in nerf darts. The lighter the dart, the farther it will go. The hollow chamber is critical as well since it is being push by air. The hollow chamber allows more air to push against the dart, thus moving it farther.

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    I believe the tip of the nerf dart is hollow that might be effecting it also if you video the normal bullet you should be able to see if the weight is equal or if one side is heavier
    This weight difference may be because of the plastic or how much you put in

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    Honestly. I don't think if you wanna make your own nerf darts you should make the foam or the heads, buy them off online stores, but thats kinda against the point of this. The things you'd want in a dart head is a good length, not far off the original length, and make sure its heavy, some people use hotglue instead of rubber for the added weight and the ability to put a weight in, so that could be worth a couple tries, a hot glue and weight tip

    And the foam issue, i think you guys are getting there with the foam, the foam should be ridged enough to withstand the forces it takes as its in the air, if the foam isn't ridged, you may just need a shorter dart so there's less foam to move, other's do this in very high performance blasters not because the foam isn't ridged, but because they fish tail with the massive power. Just keep experimenting with different foams, and keep the hole, I'm sure that is important for the reason you said in this video

  • Reply Ronin Blade Gaming April 30, 2019 at 1:40 pm

    the foam was pretty close, the solid heads are the problem. too heavy. You can probably do a 3d printed head with middling infill using ninja flex (rubber filament)

  • Reply Joenne Spreuwers May 1, 2019 at 6:27 am

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  • Reply Wolfy_ Gamer October 4, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    Did you know that the top of the nerf dart there is 2 holes in the top
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