Longest Abandoned Railroad Bridge in the World
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Longest Abandoned Railroad Bridge in the World

August 23, 2019

okay guys and then here you have one
section of the 7 Mile bridge, they’re currently
I guess renovating it and painting it basically trying to bring it back to life,
yeah because pieces were falling off and yeah hopefully they’ll take care of it
because it’s about 100 something year old structure and then I’m driving on the new one
which is this one which was built I think 1982 just like me and then that’s the
old one, the one trains went one. Yeah, used to be. It was built like in the
nineteen hundreds and it was used up until 1935 the labor day
hurricane destroyed it and then after that it was a car bridge until 82 or so then they built this one so yeah this goes on for 7 miles right here coming up ahead you’re
gonna see a pigeon key which they told me got destroyed by hurricane Irma
as well yes and we will see the side effects of Irma coming up shortly You should’ve been here a little while back after it hit. It was a disaster. okay so yeah this is pigeon key over
here sorry I’m trying to film & drive here. It’s not that easy but uh yeah well I
think it was just like tree damage but the those few buildings torn down but
they repaired it yeah you see the repair yeah the roofs are all like… you’re literally the houses are
they’re collapsing in the house right there’s collapsed in wow, okay used to be able to drive now you can’t get take a boat. Yeah that was originally
built for other the labors of the railroad way back one and then it just
became like a tourist spot. Oh and then so we’re gonna be crossing like the
channel here the Moser channel I think it is and there’s an open span
right there in the middle that’s where this bridge used to open way back when
it used to be a swing bridge yeah they filmed True lies with the Arnold
Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis the ridge yeah that’s really the limo
fall off the bridge right there that is where the bridge used to draw a
drawbridge and you gotta love those turquoise
waters there Maybe you can see a mermaid ha ha. yes we are following Millenniumforce,
yes we are look Millenniumforce is right here and I’m one of his crew mates, crazy Redneck woman. oh there’s one of the islands that you can go and actually party on Those are one of the islands that you can go in boat Looks like the party is not going to be there yeah no, probably not after Irma. But I
think those signs over there say caution danger falling debris
yes for boaters so they don’t get hurt. there’s gonna be several of them down here. and it’s funny because like you guys are
gonna see right now it’s steel but in a few hundred feet I can already see it’s
concrete over there it’s like a aqueduct kind of architecture so I think Henry
Flagler might have ran out of steel and then had to use concrete oh I was once on a Florida Keys
locals website and there saw some sting not someone some there’s a local
celebrity named Freddy, Freddy is actually the name of that pine tree
which has been growing on the 7 Mile bridge there for years, that’s Freddy? yeah
that’s Freddy and it survived a hurricane Irma so I’m glad to see Freddy
survived Hurricane Irma. There’s Freddy right there. So that’s Freddy? Yeah. I’ve known Freddy since he was
like a year old again guys I apologize if the filming isn’t stable you know I’m
driving and filming take a picture Freddy say cheese there’s Freddy still green looks like
he’s well fed that’s like a miracle in nature how the hell did that pine tree
in the middle of nowhere grow right oh and then here you can see that all the
railings were made of the old rail from the railroad hence, railing. And then
here you can see where the steel ran out and they began using concrete okay I’m gonna have my right arm like
Popeye from holding this camera up all this time toot toot Oh there’s one of the islands Look at that island, it’s destroyed! yeah trees all down everything
yeah it looks scary it’s like something out of a horror movie
look at that oh my god and then her, looks like somebody was gonna camp there tonight this is the last part of the 7 Mile bridge
this was cut off here so I guess no pedestrians would attempt to walk on it
as I was going to do not but I guess now I’m not gonna do and then this part here
is used for a fishing you can see that they place the garbage bins every so
often oh look at another Island there’s house
on it that’s actually a but believe it
or not some of these islands are private islands and their own like you can
purchase these islands I think those are reality show yeah so it’s not destroyed
well yes you can’t actually go on these islands and vacation home you gotta
catch the low tide that’s what every key person will say you gotta hit the low
tide you can see, I’m going to include a Google Maps you can see little duck key that
the sign was torn off manipulated yeah by Irma I’m going to give you a
hands-on view of the seven mile bridge my friend yay yippee here you are
following Millennium Force crazy redneck woman damn parking here’s a bit scarce
but A parking spot ok okay so then we park they got a rental they got a rental oh yeah because no smoking sign sorry about that ok the RailROL82 mobile as you guys know so this here is Florida Bay you can
see these trees are, this tree here was uprooted because of Hurricane Irma and Florida Bay Millenniumforce! And then this here is US 1 What car to what place? The train car, oh yeah. Yeah it was ugly looking that look familiar but that can’t be the car. yeah I was going try to get…. I’m sure if
it’s low tide you can walk that way okay guys so this here is US 1 Facing South west facing northeast You see Florida Bay over here, a variation of colors.Those colors are You see the dark spots are grass Look at the different shades of blue involves the depth of the water like usually turquoise isn’t very deep once you start getting
into like the dark blue that’s very deep water you see like Marlins and the
big-game fishing and things like that so then I will pan over to sign as it says seven mile bridge and they call it that because obviously
this bridges seven miles long this was that twisted sign I showed
you guys when we were driving up here you see some of the species of fish you
can catch from here My favorite is that one yellow tail snapper deep fried m hmm so then over here I’m going to show you the old & new once again new one to my my old one SORRY new one to my right, old one to my left ha ha ha Oh guys and here you can see
that island over there. it has a house in it possibly affected by all Hurricane Irma What is it? yeah that was the original bridge it was sawed off This is Florida bay and that would be the Atlantic ocean on that side. So yeah guys Please subscribe or like thank you
for viewing over and out


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