Light rail has the power to transform cities
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Light rail has the power to transform cities

September 16, 2019

I’ve been fortunate enough to look at lots
of different modes of transport in my time; I’ve done everything from airplanes, to roads,
to trains, to buses, so they all have their place in our society. But the beauty of light
rail is its very much city building; it has the power to transform cities.
We’ve seen it all around the world in both big cities and small cities that it has the
ability to move people and move amongst a community so that people are really connected
in a way that they’re not in other modes of transport. And so when we look at a city like
Canberra where we have so much opportunity to develop land along our main corridors,
it really helps that light rail is part of that solution and people can move between
those points and not just travel from one node to another.

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