Light Rail Construction Update | November 2018
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Light Rail Construction Update | November 2018

October 11, 2019

Welcome to this month’s light rail
construction update. Canberra’s first stage of light rail is progressing and
construction is nearing completion. This is an exciting time in our city and
Canberra Metro is working hard for light rail services to commence. There has been
25 kilometres of rail that has been installed, bringing us to completion of
rail installation on the project. All of the overhead poles have also been
installed. Majority of civil and landscaping works have been completed at
the terminus on Hibberson Street. Water main connection, lighting installation
and stop platform works are progressing. Fences have been removed
adjacent to the trackway and replaced with low barriers to ensure better
access for Gungahlin businesses. Works are ongoing at all 13 stop locations.
Stop canopies have been erected at all stops with fit out on the stops continuing. These fit out works includes surfacing of the stop platforms and building the
access ramps. The installation of the glazed screen has started being
installed and it’s looking really great. All of the overhead wires and poles have
been installed from Hinder Street in Gungahlin to Alinga Street. Testing continues in the north area with progressive tests being undertaken on the light rail
vehicles and equipment. On Northbourne Avenue staged closures of intersections
will continue over the coming weeks to allow construction activities at the
intersections to be completed. This includes signalling works, stormwater
works and road pavement construction. Tree planting and landscaping works on
Northbourne Avenue are also progressing at various locations between Alinga
Street and Antill Street. We’d like to thank you for your patience as we
finish the last part of construction on Canberra’s light rail, and we look
forward to welcoming you on board in 2019.

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