Liberia Railroad Crossing

August 27, 2019

Hello ladies and gentlemen today I’m
over here in Liberia. I’ve always been curious what it would be like to
see a railroad crossing or a train in Africa right so given my fear of flying
in that I’m probably never gonna get on an airplane to go there, closest I can
get is Liberia here in Hollywood Florida I’ll include a Google map link so
you guys can us see what this locations all about, if you google that
you’ll find that there’s, a it’s a rough neighborhood now not very good things
associated with this neighborhood so I’m gonna go ahead and give you guys a tour of the
crossing here in Liberia so we have a fabricated metal signal base Louisville
Kentucky, WC Hayes arm WC Hayes gate mechanism and WC Hayes lights for 8 WC
Hayes lights and my favorite WC Hayes mechanical Bell up top endangered
species and then those are all Reco lights on the crossing up top and here
we see uh our first liquor store in Nigeria over here sorry nah Nigeria
Liberia then this is track view South see See this crossing was recently done you can see at this rails from 2015 and this is track view North over here I didn’t even have to get my passport to come to Liberia today, my lucky day and then you can see that rusted WC
Hayes mechanical bell up top over there we got kwik-e-mart over here already
very good and then over here we have another fabricated metals signal base WC
Hayes arm. Wait, back light is killing me over here. WC Hayes gate mechanism arm and WC Hayes lights WC Hayes mechanical bell and those
lights I believe those are different, there not
Rico there’s something else I can’t tell from this angle but yeah and here like in Liberia just
like the United States you have trespassers look at this guy then they wonder why people end up dead maybe he’s from the FRA and he’s just
doing undercover work Alright you guys, oh I forgot to give you a look at the emergency contact info this is an FEC line by the way, okay guys
and that over there is the relay case and that’s what a crossing in Liberia
looks like, alright guys thank you for viewing please subscribe or like over
and out

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