LEGO Haul #23 Bridge Parts, Monorail and City Square!
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LEGO Haul #23 Bridge Parts, Monorail and City Square!

September 10, 2019

Hey Folks, welcome to this haul video. First
off you can see I’ve built the second Horizon Express, so I’ll be doing an “Adding Power
Functions” video to that soon. I’m starting to work frantically on getting stuff ready
for the next big Train Track Setups and everything like that. First up for the haul I got the
City Square, it comes with the tram and the LEGO truck and everything like that. I specifically
got it for the tram really, you’ll see why in part of this haul hopefully. I’m going
to work on that anyway. That’s the first one out the way, the second
one, this is a Pick-a-Brick on-line order from LEGO Shop at Home. So, if I can grab
this. This is basically just a ton of stuff for
the new bridge, it’s lots of blue pins and just various supports. So I’ve broken down
version 2 and I’ve worked on a proof of concept kind of bridge for the version 3 and that
gave me an idea of what pieces I need so I ordered those to make the larger version.
I’ll do a video of that this weekend and then you’ll be able to see version 3 going on and
then after that I’ll just expand that. I’ll talk more about that in the bridge video. So we’ve done that and looked at the extra
pieces for the bridge, the new bridge and the next one is this. I’m just going to move
the camera for this one so we can have a decent look at it. This is going to be pretty cool,
I hope you will agree. OK, so this was part of an eBay job lot and I honestly
wasn’t really planning on buying this but I saw it and I was looking at it a while and
I did all my sums and it kind of looked like a really, well it was a really good deal compared
to putting something like this together out of all the different pieces. This is really well packed so I’ll speed this
up a bit so we don’t have to wait around but, when things are really well packed it’s never
a bad thing. Open it up here and, here we go, we have some
6990 the monorail set, but it’s not just this it’s got extra track in it as well. So I’ll
try and unpack it. These, the guy said that they were sticky , that’s not as gummed up
as I thought they were but I’ve got some stuff that will help with that. Apparently it’s
a common problem but they still work, a bit marked but hey, we can live with that. This
of course also helps go with the monorail stuff that I got a while back. I’ll put that
in the cards so you can see that. There’s more monorail stuff in here. What I think
I’ll do is I’ll do a full video just unpacking this and we can have a full look at what’s
inside. Apparently it came with two trains so it’s got two of the monorail trains and
a stack load of extra track and stuff like that. So, like I say I’ll do a proper video unpacking
this later but, let’s see what we’ve got in here. I want to try and be a little bit careful
with what I’m doing with this. OK, so there’s one 9V monorail and there we
go, there’s two 9V monorails, so we’ve got two monorail trains. Which it said and a stack
load of extra track. Some of these are a bit grubby and they need quite a bit of a wash
so I’ll need to do that and take all the pieces and give it a scrub and get it all nice and
we’ll go through that video properly I think and we’ll spend a bit more time looking through
it. So these monorail trains, I’m going to see if I can combine it with the tram just
to get something running on a monorail, that’s sort of the main reason why I bought it. Of
course it’s cool to have lots of monorail, but yeah, that was the main reason. So there you go, that’s the haul. We’ve got
some monorail stuff, got some more bridge pieces for the next version of the bridge
and I’ve got the City Square. So the bridge we’ll do a more detailed video, I need to
build the bigger version of the bridge. At the moment I’ve got a small version that I
made in order to give me a more accurate piece count of what I needed, what elements so I
didn’t just spend loads of money on elements I didn’t need and I’ll be doing a more detailed
video on the monorail. We’ll go through it all. It does look pretty grubby but, well
I’ll show you the state before and then in a couple of weeks time I’ll show you the state
afterwards once it’s all cleaned up and the City Square, parts of that will be used in
the next Train Track Setup. It’s all going to go towards the Train Track Setups, all
of these are and of course I’ve got the Power Functions video coming up for the whole of
the Horizon Express. So, lots to look forward to. Click thumbs
up if you’ve enjoyed this, subscribe if you haven’t all ready and yeah, see you in the
next one.

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