Lahore Orange Line Metro Train – A documentary
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Lahore Orange Line Metro Train – A documentary

October 12, 2019

21st century, where time dictates everything,
from your business to your education From your personal life to markets Prosperous countries believe in fast and rapid
transportation which is known as RMTS This in return buys the more time to
achieve their goals With that being said
how well has Pakistan understood this? LAHORE!
2nd most populous city of Pakistan With a population well above 10 million
and still growing Number of cars increasing day by day The city is victim of 6.8 million trips daily
causing ever increasing traffic jams Wasting not only time but wealth too And what does the Government do.. they increase the
number of lanes on streets modernizing them Hoping that it would solve the problem But this only made things worst Promoting more vehicles on roads cause more severe
jams and making public transport look like this Punjab Government answers with a mega project Metro Train ! Rapid transport system; mobilizing 2,50,000 citizens
daily in the heart of city An initiative which came as a part of CPEC,
a deal between China and Pakistan Is being materialised now a days Started in October 2015
expected to launch by 2018 A 27 km long strip with 26 stations would not only
take the burdens of the streets But also provide cheap and reliable transportation Adding upto the wealth of the city
and time saving of the city Lahore From my point of view, it is a good project It would benefit poor people as well as car onwers Because we have seen such projects in
China and Hong Kong if I need to get to Thokar Niaz Baig I have to drive my car
to any parking stand But on train I would reach my destination
in 30 or 40 Rupees Avoiding traffic on the road According to Punjab Government about 1.6 Billion USD
are being used for 27 Km project Per Km it would cost 59.5 Million USD Which is far more economical than other projects in
Mumbai , Pune and Indonesia Indicating that it is among the economical and
relatively cheaper projects A project of this scale is not considered successful
if it has no positive impact on common man’s life Currently the effects of Orange Line
construction are bad There is dust, roads are closed but in the coming days
it has many benefits According to me if metro bus is running
20 rupee per person and people park their cars In Gajumata and Shahadra And then they ride on metro bus and travel
25 Km in 20 Rupees Same would be the case with Orange train Once it’s operational people will ride as it is passing
through many markets, they will access these markets This project is said to employ thousands of people in
construction as well as maintenance phase But in contrast to this rickshaw drivers opportunities
are being murdered By proposed ban on Qingqi movement along
the orange line train route This will not only effect their income but
apparently unemploy them Currently no alternative source of income is being
proposed by Govt. to them Forcing them to think abandoned by the Government The train will affect us in a way that we would be
losing passengers on long routes Now he would pay 20 to 30 Rupees and
will reach his destination Obviously this will end our source of income Secondly there are rumors that they will ban Rickshaw It is our source of income. if it is banned,
what will we do? With an estimated of 250000 using it daily Foot trafficking is believed to flourish
around the route Specially on stations, giving rise to economical
activiy for shops and stalls One takes rickshaw from Thokar and reach GPO Rickshaw driver will charge him 200-250 Rs I believe when he will travel in metro,
he wouldn’t have to pay 200 Rs The maximum fare fixed by the government
would be 30-50 Rs So it is benefit that this source of conveyance
would suit him economically Our government heavily spends in purchasing oil This electric train would ultimately result in
lesser usage of oil By reducing number of cars causing an expected
benefit of 39 Billion USD annually Making our economy lesser dependant upon
oil exporting nations Our government is having a huge bill in the
form of oil import Save as much money as possible Fuel will be saved, train will operate, fuel consumption
would be reduced and economy will improve At present, Air pollution is one of the
major concerns in the project area Traffic congestion and dust due to construction
contributes greatly to air pollution Reason; poor planning of concerned contractors Heavy machinery becomes a source of noise pollution
resulting in a more frustrated society Careful and strict rules need to be applied This project is very good. For the time being
it is cumbersome. But in the future, it would be better. Train will pass by the road. Value of the area will
increase During construction phase, it is affecting our business.
Once it is completed, our business would be better. Once Qingqi is off the road, the noise pollution
would also decrease. Overall, it will be a beneficial project for majority. Lahore is a home to a lot of ancient monuments and
orange line route passes near alot of them Like GPO, Chuburji, Shalimar and Gulabi Bagh Alot of opposition has been conducted by the
local residents in order to show their concern for these assets Lately UNESCO inquired about construction of
orange line near Shalimar People opposing this project are wrong, they
should not do this Underground trains are operational in Europe
below the ancient buildings Those buildings are huge, there is no building
above this train, they are far away Shalamar garden is 100s of feet away from track I am also a Mughal, my ancestors are gone They have not made any such will about this train Government believes it would rapidly decrease
emmission of green house gases This electric train would consume and emit lesser
pollution As compared to same population travelling
independently Recently environmental effects like smog
opened eyes of authorities Regarding severity of pollution in the city Lahore Government promises to plant four trees for
every single tree they cut for orange line construction You have seen smog phenomen a few days ago
which was faced by the people of Lahore The main cause of air pollution in big cities
are emission from vehicles In contrast to them, when metro bus or orange train
would be functional Then hundreds of vans, rickshaws and motorbikes
from the route will lessen in numbers. Land acquisition for Orange Line Metro Train project
will not only disturb routine life of residents But also be a reason for loss of infrastructure Commerical and cultural activities and change in
land use A total of 1,160 Kanals and 15 marla is being used for
Metro Train The acquisition also includes 731 Kanals to access the
Depot, Stabling Yard and Electric Sub-stations This construction is causing a social restlessness among
the population not living in Lahore For example, a person living in lower Punjab may
see socially neglected He pays equal amount of tax as a person living in
Lahore But the later one is enjoying benefits When the Orange Train would be functional, it would
be beneficial for us. We are facing some difficulties related to Orange Train
Construction. We face problem of congestion of traffic Once it is finished, there would be ease for us.
It would save our time. People would travel along the same vehicle. It becomes a source of interaction of people belonging
to different cultures and social groups Moreover, it would provide safe means of
transportations for old citizens, children and women Resulting in a more balanced society and equality When people will be at their office in time, either
private or govt., they would start their work in time Then it would be the economical benefit of this
project. When he returns home timely in the evening to
his children in good mood You have observed that when people travels
they get annoyed It badly effects man’s attitude, with this bad attitude
he gets home, it puts negative effect on whole family The happy mood will enhance his work efficiency Some see it as relief Some as an unnecessary burden for them
as well as their future generation Some see it as necessary successor of old
schools transportation, Some as an offense to their cultural identity Should it be done or not is another question But now that it is being materialised We expect it brings prposperity and felicity To not only society surrounding it But also set new standard at national level
in transportation sector We hope that our documentry covers all the
major impacts of orange line train We would like to conclude our documentry on a quotation of Enrique Penalosa


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