Jim Zim has a Coke delivered by steam train!
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Jim Zim has a Coke delivered by steam train!

September 6, 2019

Hey, Jim!
You want some more Coke? Yeah.
That’d be great.
Thanks! I thought that would be a fun way to introduce
you to the newest train in my collection… The Coca Cola train, by LGB. They haven’t made these in years,
so I picked up a used one in really good condition. The engineer in the cab is a polar bear. And there are three other polar bears…
Skiing! On the tender. You’re probably thinking this guy on the tender
is shoveling coal, but… This is a Coca Cola train.
It doesn’t run on coal! It runs on ice! If you look at the decorations on the cab…
I think it’s a Christmas Coca Cola train.
But I don’t care. Maybe that’s why I got a good deal on it, in July. Let’s run down the features… Like a working headlight, when the train is in motion. And look at the flicker of the firebox inside the cab. I love this apple pie scented smoke fluid by MTH… And if you add a few drops of it
in to the smokestack
of the Coca Cola train… You get smoke! And your downwind neighbors will think
you’re baking an apple pie. Hey, check out the new redwood colored platform I built
so I could run trains around the flower box. But I’ve saved the most unusual feature of all for last. Look what’s inside this box car. It’s a speaker. I’ll pop off the top of the box car,
so you can get a better look… And see there’s some electronics in there. Let me throw this switch,
so that the magic can happen. A very old-fashioned Coca Cola jingle! (Sung)
Coca Cola
Coca Cola
Things go better with Coca Cola. (sung)
Things go better with Coke. (sung)
Life is much more fun when you’re refreshed. (sung)
And Coke refreshes you best.
It’s the refreshing-est! (sung)
Food goes better with…
Fun goes better with…
You’ll go better with Coke. (sung)
The real life one puts extra fun
in you and everything you do, so… (sung)
Things go better with Coca Cola.
Things go better with Coke! Well, let’s take this thing for a high-speed run now. No smoke, and no jingles.
Just simulated steam train sounds… From another sound system, inside the tender. I’m Jim Zim.
Enjoying the summer here in California! No need to go on a cruise at this time of the year. Paradise is right here, in my back yard. Give this video a thumbs-up if you liked it. That lets YouTube know it’s a good video
they should recommend to other people. And here are a few of my other model train
videos that I think are good. Might as well watch watch another one,
don’t you think? Heck, just do a whole model train video marathon
if you want.


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    Baby Bear: Am I real polar bear?
    Mother Bear: Yes son, why do you ask?
    Baby Bear: Because I am cold!

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    You had said in your reply to my question posted before in another clip that these trains are not hauled by miniature coal-fired or CNG/alcohol/wood fired wee boilers for building up the steam for miniature steam locomotives, instead they draw direct electric current from the tracks as some real-time metro trains operate in our Indian metropolitan cities that instead of drawing power from the overhanging live high voltage naked plied cables by pantographs draw the power from the tracks below through the metal tyres on their bogey wheels. is that how your tracks empower those concealed electric direct voltage current motors? And you must also be supplying electricity to these tracks from a 110 VAC – 60 VDC converter. If not please tell me the rating of those DC electric motors capable of running these trains continuously on such great track lengths. Thanks and regards.

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